The Hacker Issue

September 2015 #20

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Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

It’s Peeple.

Waterstain spotted on Mars! Catastrophic floods on Earth! Sex with robots! 15 million T-Mobile customers hacked! Manhattan worth $1,497 a square foot! Drone app more offensive than drone bombs! Government really sucks sometimes!

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Ash web

This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

10 Police Officers in Puerto Rico Bagged by the FBI on Corruption Charges

this week in acab: a young man bit a cop's finger while in police custody, 10 Puerto Rican officers were bagged by the FBI for alleged corruption, and other stories from the field.

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They Don’t Call It Fall for Nothing

Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

I Can Cry If I Want To

It’s my birthday! VW pollutes a little illegally and a lot legally! Gov loses millions of fingerprints! Pregnant women really wet the whistle! So many brain implants it’s starting to getting weird!

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Ash web

This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

One Year Since 43 Normalistas Disappeared in Ayotzinapa, Mexican Students Clash with Riot Police

Delaware police shot 28-year-old Jeremy “Bam” McDole until he fell out of his wheelchair. Meanwhile in Brazil, cops killed a 11-year-old child in Rio de Janeiro, the sixth child under the age of 14 to have died at the hands of police in the city this year.

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Aww You Shouldn’t Have by Isabelle Nastasia

Anybody Wanna Waste Some Time?

In the midst of trying to nix my public school’s controversial admissions policy, I might have met the director of Reqiuem for a Dream. Who knows, though. That was years ago.

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En Rogue by Alex G. Brown

Not Quite Finished or Already Taken Apart?

HBA, KTZ, and Phoebe English suggest we take style inspiration from deconstructionism in 2016 – a movement created by 90s estranged and broke designers of London and Antwerp.


Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

I Think You Know What the Problem Is Just as Well as I Do

Guantanamo Tinder! Bear Selfies! One in five teens Wake for Facebook! Antidepressants have been dangerous all along! Internet cables sabotaged! Roomba on track for world domination! Chimps love horror films! It Gets Better campaign gets worse!

Serbia migrants
Ash web

This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

Hungarian Cops Fire Tear Gas and Water Cannons at Refugees Crossing the Border

Greek police clash with anarchists in Exarchia. In Egypt, police shoot at Mexican tourists mistaken for Islamist militants.

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Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

The Key to the Abyss Is Turning

Placing bets on rising sea levels! Queen is super-richer than ever! Hipster funerals creates cemetery crisis! Luxury tanks for the classy war-criminal! Half of us have Diabetes! Radioactive waste collected during Fukushima cleanup washes back into floodwaters! Apple designed a Pencil!

Drippin clint heyer

“Yes, I’m a criminal.” Seven of the most infamous hackers who were arrested or otherwise punished for their curiosity and wit.

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Commie Bullshit
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This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

No Charges Against Deputies Who Tasered Natasha McKenna to Death; Sheriff Releases Video of the Incident

Meanwhile, the police who shot Antonio Zambrano-Montes were also not indicted. In Greece, police attack refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

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Dan Knows Best by Dan Allegretto

Fall 2015 Trend Forecast

With this list you will literally be the coolest person this season.

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A year after the 43 students from Ayotzinapa disappeared, the Mexican government’s account of the attack is crumbling. Now, an independent report suggests all levels of law enforcement and the administration itself were responsible.

What Happened in Iguala?

by Stefan Norman

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Gross Misconduct by Fuck Theory

On Queer Privilege

How did queer go from celebrating difference to mocking everything that isn’t queer? Our new columnist Fuck Theory traces the roots of queer theory and where things went astray.


Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

In Some Cases, There Will Be Absolutely No Hope

Bad News Returns! Markets strangely volatile given stable society. Alaska losing 70 gigatons of ice to melting each year, tee hee. More guns sold to Americans last month than any other month on record!

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This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

Police Officer Shoots His Own Car and Lies About It

Meanwhile, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton tries to revive the widely condemned Moynihan Report.

Hanna hurr

Letters by Hanna Hurr

Try Turning It off and Then on Again

This month, we turn to the Hacker for inspiration. We’ll reach our hand out of the vortex, hoping they’ll grab it, and forgive us for calling them nerds.


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