The Heretic Issue

My Sobering Trip Home

Dan columnart

Nostalgia is totally useless and depressing, but whenever I’m back home, I think about my childhood.


Neo-Femme Artists

If you’ve ever had somebody try to ruin your life, the web series Zhe Zhe is just for you. 

A Wave of Protests in Mexico

Stefan Norman and Mariana Roa Oliva

Since October, students in Mexico have repeatedly gathered in the thousands to protest a corrupt government, the disappearing of 43 students in Ayotzinapa, and the ongoing repression of activists and students. In recognition of the national day of protest being called for this Thursday, November 20th, Stefan Norman and Mariana Roa Oliva share their reflections on the last few months of student rebellion.

Gangsta Rap Distilled to Its Most Marketable Core


Chief Keef is the face of Chiraq’s drill scene. His charisma managed to seduce millions of people into watching videos of a kid in house arrest at his Grandma’s, partying half-naked with other shirtless teenage boys.

Twerk Team founding member Betty Butt has died.

Princess Nokia lounges with her badass coven in new music video “Nokia”.

Jackie cover web

Jackie Wang

LOL-core – a fashion trend that laughs at exclusivity.

Love for All the Dead

Mask art

Throughout the middle ages, heretic movements and sects spread and spurred uprisings, prompting the barbarous reaction of the Holy Inquisition. “Popular heresy was less a deviation from the orthodox doctrine than a protest movement, aspiring to a radical democratization of social life.”

November 2014


With many planets moving through Scorpio this month, we’re still highly aware of all that is hidden and damaged, and the need for regeneration.


The Contextual Issue

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The Street Issue

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The Substance Issue

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The Cyborgoisie Issue

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