The Crossing Paths Issue

April 2015 #15

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There is so much to say, but as events continue to unfold, we've opted to forego analysis and try to collect as many links to live coverage as possible. We'll be updating this article as much as possible over the next few hours.

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Feed Me by Anwar Batte

Strapped Sistas

Celebrate badass women everywhere with the Facebook page Strapped Sistas, which has been posting a steady stream of photos depicting women carrying guns since December.

Jafé Paulino
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Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams

World’s most radiation-tolerant robot collapses at Fukushima. US DoD admits US Constitution racist. My sleep schedule is really bad. Russia and Iran to play swapsies. Brawndo has what plants crave. Right-wing truthers teach Evil NWO Satanists a thing or two. And more from the worst week in history!

Matrix april

Affect Matrix: How to feel about jailbreaks, military inspired fashion, and Hilary Duff’s blue hair.

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”Riot” Spells the Beginning of a Solo Career for Bibi Bourelly, Rihanna’s 20-year-old songwriter.


Slow Holler A group of Southerners, queers, and artists are making a completely new tarot deck together.

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Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

You Can’t Beat Them, You Can’t Join Them

CIA wishes spying wasn’t so tough. TSA accidentally finds thousands of innocent but suspicious-looking immigrants. Your Facebook friend poked you ... with divorce papers. Water thieves on the loose in California. Search Nestle. And lots of cops hurting people.

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Southern Gothic A playlist by Chloe Chon about settling into a new city.

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Mathias Wåg
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The April To-Do List Keep your April calendar packed with shows, talks, and readings.


Junglepussy hexes the Earth like an oracle in new music video “Me”.


Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

Bad News Travels Fast

Sorry, my semen only eats organic vegetables. McDonalds introduces table service ... that’s it, that’s the joke. Live-action Winnie The Pooh aka goodbye cruel world. Chris Rock’s pulled-over selfies. Homophobic pizza parlor raises nearly a million bucks how’s that for a sentence. And the US Military is teaching soldiers about white privilege.

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Watch the Columbia Report on Rolling Stone’s Gang Rape Article The magazine officially retracts its feature on a University of Virginia gang rape.

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Che and Reina Gossett
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Letters by Isabelle Nastasia

Keep Your Friends Closer

“I repeat ‘friends can save your life if you let them’ to myself as a mantra, not entirely sure if it is a rallying cry or a cry for help.”


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