The Hustle Issue

March 2015 #14

Us  20 series 2006 reverse

Three Long Island teens arrested for allegedly counterfeiting $20 bills to pay for class pizza party and cereal.


Geng Gushes about New York’s Best Grub, and why he hates the new fast food trends.

Stud1nt individual cover

Stud1nt Schools Us on What’s Missing from Culture: girl-on-girl parties, sexy music, and more.

3 23 2015

Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

No News is Good News, the Superpost

Google invests in infinite lives. Moon minerals: first come, first serve. Kim Jong-un goes to Russia. #RaceTogether probably not the best idea. Adult pre-school is a little pricey. Italian fascist semen stain ready to be cloned!

Abby new

DJ Abby places bets on the next look. Hint: alien versus predator.

Abdu ali cover
Abdu Ali

Starbucks’ Race Together campaign under fire from everybody with a smartphone.

Screen shot 2015 03 17 at 5.08.11 pm

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with these vintage photos of women IRA fighters.

Matrix final 1024

The Affect Matrix for youth internet culture Placing your problematic faves next to your underground heart throbs we bring you our greatest party trick.

3 9 cover

Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

Wow, You Look Really Tired!

Everest is a pile of shit. Are there 90k doctors in the house? Police apparently racist. Panhandlers paid to be art. American death laser now real, in case you were thinking about trying to escape.

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March Cameos
Cover new

Make It Quick: Four Inspiring Beauty Routines by DJ/producer Coral Foxworth, model Lee Armoogam, artist/rapper Kitty, and rapper Jay Boogie.

Swarm cover
Dan web

Dan Knows Best by Dan Allegretto

Swarm: Not Just for Losers

Let Dan Allegretto teach you how to use this unappreciated app in the proper way.


STUD1NT drops exclusive mix, “Eavesdrop” to get you pumped for our LRAD party this Saturday.


New Music Video by DonChristian: “Liu Kang” is drenched with legendary intertext.

1izpv ga

Nashville-based witch grunge band Daddy Issues pays homage to sad-girl culture.

Horoscope image web

Horoscopes by Corina Dross

March 2015

This month marks the final bout in the three-year battle between Uranus (golden boy of revolutionaries and chaos agents) and Pluto (underworld magistrate and patron saint of you-can’t-take-it-with-you).

Letter cover
Hanna av

Letters by Hanna Hurr

How We Get By

This month, we explore the strange ways we pay our bills and get by in this dumb, dumb world, and some remarkable stories of scamming.


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