The Dropout Issue

August 2015 #19

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Tommy Pico
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Going camping? You couldn’t have picked a better time. Society will collapse any minute now, so you might as well be in the woods already. Prepare yourself for the imminent disaster that is the great outdoors with these battery-powered gadgets and other glamping essentials.

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This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

22 People Shot and Injured in Argentina after Police Crackdown on Anti-Government Protests

Meanwhile, a state of emergency declared in Macedonia in response to influx of Syrian and Afghan migrants, with riot police policing the border. In Mexico, the police murder of Jorge L. is followed by protests, with sticks and stones being thrown at government buildings.

Take 2

August Cameos Part II Yulan Grant, Inga Hensing, and Anjum Mubarak Asharia talk about their style icons, trends that should’ve caught on, and the future.

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Milfstential Crises by bbmilf666 _

Things I Learned from Living with a Boyfriend and a Bunch of Boys

Learn to share your toiletries; once theirs run out, it’s onto the next ... and other life lessons from being a woman sharing space with a bunch of guys.

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Shattered Dreams Joey LaBeija’s debut album is a glorious mix of merciless, melancholic contemplation and energetic peaks that melt you from within.

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This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

St. Louis Police Kill Another Black Teen, While the NYPD Has Been Spying on #BlackLivesMatter Protests

On August 19, one year after the police murder of Kajieme Powell, St. Louis was once again set ablaze with rage after St. Louis cops murdered 18-year-old Mansur Ball-Bey.

Junglepussy now or later

Junglepussy chops kale and egos in music video for “Now or Later” off her forthcoming album Pregnant with Success.

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Prisons are for Burning by Neal Shirley

Surge in LRAD Sales, Suspected Cop Killer Acquitted, and the Latest from Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning found guilty of prison infractions, a North Carolina man charged with shooting a cop is acquitted, and police buy LRADs at record numbers. Find out what else is happening on the anti-prison front this month.

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Zhe Zhe

On July 18, two thousand people gathered in Columbia, SC to confront a KKK rally at the state capitol. Five anonymous anarchists share their stories from that day.

“Y’all Are Done”

by – Anonymous

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This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

The Biggest Threat to Our Quality of Life is Probably the Police

One of the police’s main activities is harassing and arresting marginalized people in the name of enforcing laws against so-called “quality of life” crimes. This week, the cops showed that they themselves are probably the biggest threat to your quality of life.

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Feed Me by Anwar Batte

Let These Online Generators Write Nonsense for You

From school papers to revolutionary manifestos to marketing copy, most of what we write is BS, so why not let computers do it for us?

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August Cameos Part I We talked to Medha G., Ronika McClain, and H Kapp-Klote about their guilty pleasures, multiple intelligences, and what’s hanging in their closet these days.


Kitty Our favorite young-woman-ennui rapper is releasing her first real album via Kickstarter.

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This Week in ACAB by Ash Jegroo

“How many kids have you killed today?”

This week, we witnessed the horrific ways that cops get away with shooting kids.

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Post-Ferguson Mixtape by ANTAGONISMS features artists who in the past year released songs about police violence and fighting in the streets.

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Letters by Tyler Reinhard

To Be Young, Disaffected, and Black

This is the Dropout Issue, where we tap our pencils, anxious for the bell to ring.


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