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Reyna the Ripper: Homoerotic Satanic Burlesque

Luke O’Donovan and the Criminalization of Self-Defense

Saralee Stafford

On January 1, 2013, Luke O’Donovan was attacked by a group of men at a party because of his sexuality. In an attempt to defend himself from the attack, he stabbed five of them, being stabbed three times himself. Last month, he was sentenced to ten years – two in prison, and eight to be served on probation. In this piece, Luke’s friend details what it’s been like to follow and support the case from the sideline.

Walking into the Wind

Mask art

When we were discussing the theme of this month’s issue, we wanted to entertain a latent conversation. A dialogue that might exist between the horrors we bore witness to this summer and the new opportunity revealed as pop-culture sputters and ejects, leaving behind a vacuum of power and attention. Is what happens on the streets of modern society merely a slurry of sociological phenomena, or is there something more ... archeological about it. Will our streetwear ever be draped over some ethnic mannequin in the halls of a natural history museum's diorama? Will our experiences of PTSD make it into timeless masterpieces of art, sealed up in the Louvre?

September 2014


After a tumultuous summer, September greets us with deceptive calm. The winds have died down, the storms moved on. This stillness is a critical time for reflection, strategy, and redirection. We may want nothing more than to stop where we’ve been hurled, to fall to the ground and press our faces against the cool dirt, the leaf mulch, the softly weathered newspaper banners. But with the faster planets moving through Virgo and Libra this month, now is not the time for abandon.

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