The Multiple Worlds Issue

Artists Joey Labeija and DonChristian give us new friend goals for 2015.

Rolling Stone might be a police abolitionist, and revolution over reform may be moving slowly into the mainstream.

Versace, Versace, Versace


MIGOS is next up in our series about rappers who were babies in the 90s. They’re a walking Chappelle’s Show sketch, and their trend-setting is going to keep them around for a minute.

Team Nihilism vs. Team Marxism

Matt Lucas

During the East Bay Anarchist book fair last week, people organized a fight night between anarchists and motorcycle club members. Matt Lucas recounts what it was like to beat up a guy.

A culture round-up for surviving the holiday season

Great Books for the Kids in Your Life

Maggie Block

So, you’re old now. One of the side effects of your continual aging is that now you’re like the grown-up in some little kid’s life. And maybe that kid’s life doesn’t revolve around the intense consumer fest that is “the holidays,” but it probably does, and you should probably buy that kid something. And that something should probably be books.

Bored tweens toasting troublemakers everywhere with flaming molotov cocktails.

Concerning Violence – a documentary about anti-colonial struggles in 1960s and 70s Africa.

The December To-Do List

The Ghost of Christmas Future

– Anonymous

The chanting started, and I fell in sync with them. We circled that clock as we screamed for Eric Garner. Eric Garner who was killed over a fifty cent “loosie” cigarette. Around a clock worth $20 million. It felt surreal and necessary.

We waited for MTV to get it wrong somewhere in this video about riots, but they never really did. What?!

Six Chicago Rappers to Watch


Christopher Alley continues to feature rappers who were young in the 90s. This week, he closes in on Chicago: Lil Herb, Lil Bibby, Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, and Lil’ Durk.

Uh-oh, Artists in the Hot Seat for Staying Silent

December 2014


As we near winter solstice, we're coming up on that day when the sun barely makes an effort, rising late only to skirt the horizon in a dim and distant arc before ducking under the red earth. Over the millennia that humans have been aware of this cycle, we've collectively determined that now is a good time for as much partying as we can manage.

Passing through Worlds beside Worlds

Mask art

A police-free zone is not a “new world”, it is merely the collision of many. Many worlds smaller than that of police order and governance individually, but that perhaps together are capable of defending themselves. Of surviving a collision.


The Heretic Issue

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