• The Control Issue
    August 2016 #31
    • Make Capital Pay Silvia Federici photographed in her kitchen by Luis Nieto Dickens.

    • Hole theory Bini adamczak has a new term for us to the opposite of penetration: Circlusion.

    • For when the world keeps you up at night Night Doll brings us the latest Mask Mix “Insomnia”, listen up.

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    Table Of Contents

    Cover foto clay
    Alesia pullins

    Masque Up by Alesia Pullins

    Take Care

    Skincare columnist Alesia Pullins takes the time to get her face together.


    In bedrooms, in cars, being present with other fat girls, Laura Marie Marciano reflects on the magic that comes with it.

    Fat Girl Friendships

    by Laura Marie Marciano

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    Nicolás Rodriguez
    Voting bw 01
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    4ever Yung by yung costanza

    The Politics of Talking About Politics

    I can’t force myself to care about this election, despite all the noise, especially online, from everyone earnestly and enthusiastically following it.

    Do not resist

    the future of police Watch this new trailer for “Do Not Resist”, a documentary about American police culture.

    Cameos aug 2016

    Cameos: how Pauline Woo, Nico Fuentes, and sylvia gz snails gutierrez weather the heat.

    Dre 4
    Goth Shakira
    Nealshirley web

    Prisons are for Burning by Neal Shirley

    “Defiant, Disobedient, and Verbally Threatening”

    Prisoners established a cop free zone for six hours at Holman Correctional, the prisoner strike in September approaches, BLM occupations abound.


    Get LOCA Listen to DJ Bebe's barbed wire contribution to our mix series.


    Another hard day of working some shitty job, only to be faced with cops walking up to the checkout counter. What are you gonna do?

    Employees of the Month

    by – Anonymous

    Screen shot 2016 05 31 at 4.06.10 pm

    Letters by Tyler Reinhard

    Take Us to Your Leader

    This is The Control Issue, the one where we stick together. We’ll take a break from rolling our eyes at the Spectacle to focus closely on it, and what’s going on at the edge of the frame.

    Mask aug 02

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    August 2016

    Corina Dross highlights the many ways to practice freedom under the stars and lots of crushing conditions.

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