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    Doug Gilbert

    Doug Gilbert works a long and boring job that causes him to sweat too much and hate his life. Sometimes he gets breaks, sometimes he doesn't. In his spare time he writes about life and the things that anger him.

    The Rise of Oakland’s Riot Culture

    The fires lit by Ferguson in the Bay Area further cemented the region’s claim to “riot capital” of the US. But how did the Bay Area become the arena of one of the most intense millennial revolts of the decade? Doug Gilbert traces the emergence of the Bay Area’s “riot culture” through the last six years of street clashes and blockading.

    Mayhem in the Mission District

    By the time I got into the Mission district, things had already been going for some time. On Mission Street, people were throwing bottles at a vacant cell phone store, busting out the windows. The crowd was massive and, for the most part, very intoxicated. Most were decked in Giants gear, and many appeared to be in their early to mid-20s.


    Counterforce, a group that targeted Google and tech-company executives for public humiliation in the form of protests, sat down with us in an exclusive interview to talk about their ideas, aims, and the possible end of the group.

    A Squat at the End of the World

    The Albany Bulb was a former-landfill-turned-squatted community, rebel artist enclave, and autonomous zone, just north of Berkeley, CA. Doug Gilbert traces the history, resistance, and eviction of this unique place.

    Rebel in the Night

    We went into the streets with graffiti artist FED UP to talk about what it's like to paint in the rapidly changing city of Oakland.

    Anon Dominatrix

    Wanting to know more about the life of a dominatrix, I sat down with Claudia in Oakland, CA to talk about what it's like to beat up men for a living.

    Juggalos Have It Harder than You Think

    After the FBI classified fans of the band ICP, or juggalos, a “hybrid-gang” in 2011, police repression has gotten much worse for members of the subculture. We sent Doug Lyfe to faygolovers.net to find out what's changed there since.

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