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    Affect Matrix: Gossip on the Bathroom Wall

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    Affect Matrix: Gossip on the Bathroom Wall

    How to feel about unionized writers, Willow Smith for Marc Jacobs, and SoundCloud’s royalty deals.

    A – Gawker Media votes to unionize digital writers. (Via Gawker)

    B – New York’s all-girl skatecrew “Brujas” is on the come up. Remember last fall when we interviewed Arianna Gil? (Via Village Voice)

    C – Lots of editors give Frank Ocean some unsolicited advice on how to run a magazine. And it’s pretty cute. (Via The Fader)

    D – Complex did a breathtaking multimedia interview with FKA Twigs where she announced the name of her new EP. We’re all dying to know: who is ‘Melissa’?! (Via Complex)

    E – Kanye West might be trying to buy Michael Jackson’s Neverland. (Via Dazed)

    F – SoundCloud reached a royalty deal with a shit ton of Record Labels. (Via NYTimes)

    G – Willow Smith is the new face of Marc Jacobs. (Via Dazed)

    H – Reina Gossett, Sasha Wortzel, and company begin filming on Happy Birthday, Marsha! You can check out the announcement of their badass cast and crew list. (Via IndieWire)

    I – Two prisoners charged with murdering their bosses and a police officer escaped from an upstate NY prison facility. They left guards a note saying “Have a nice day!” Total bae material, if you ask me. (Via The Guardian)

    J – Feminist revengecore band Shady Hawkins drops “Veneer”, a demo of their farewell project.

    K – We won't name names but, somebody archived every tweet of #AbolishThePolice on Twitter in recent months via Storify.

    You can submit your feels to the Affect Matrix by emailing us at mailroom@mask-mag.com.

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