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    June To-Do List

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    June To-Do List

    Kick off the summer right with these events and activities.

    All June Check out Rooftop Films – tickets are kind of pricey, but a couple of them are free.

    June 7 Consider going to that thing that Bklyn Boihood and DapperQ are doing at the Ace Hotel with KUNQ’s BattyJack for what seems to be some kind of fashion showcase. We’ll see when we get there.

    June 8 Deal with how much you hate Mondays by imagining you’re in Game of Thrones and have to head out to some epic battle in the morning. And if you’re into literature or something, you should check out LIT#3: Kurt & Courtney where our girl Ruby Brunton will be reading.

    June 9 Make alcoholic popsicles.

    June 10 Elvis Guest House has been doing it right lately. Come through to the Camp & Street party featuring Rahel and Joey Labeija. $5, not bad.

    June 11 Looking for the Thursday turn up? Roll through Perreo at Webster Hall with False Witness, Princess Nokia, and the fam. Or, go to Bembe for iBomba with our crush DJ Haram.

    June 13 Nothing says early summer like a bottle of (cheap) sparkling rosé. Take your housemates to the grocery store and buy a spread of fruit, crackers, spreads, and wine. Then find a spot in the sun and feed yourselves.

    June 15 Take a sick day, eat mushrooms, sit on your roof and watch the sunset.

    June 16 Make your way to Union Square to a candlelight vigil for Kalief Browder.

    Through June 16 The Kitchen has mad events this month including weird sound installations, poetry readings, and more. Keep checking back for updates.

    June 17 Drop $10 and head out to FnL PRESENTS: PICTUREPLANE, JUICEBOXXX, SHAMS, DJ BIG BLACK POODLE. Bring a brilliant comic book for the train, or enjoy a nice bike ride to the club.

    June 18 Our friend Marco Gomez aka DJ False Witness has an awesome installation at Stream Gallery that we’ve been patiently waiting for.

    Also, go see our girl Jasmine Gibson aka Caliban LaBruja DJ at Happy Fun Hideaway.

    Or, if you prefer uptown, this Skin and Bone ComicCon event at The Studio Museum looks tight.

    June 19 Invite your crush to this Interference Archive screening of Arresting Power, and then maybe take them dancing. Que Bajo was so fun last month we almost forgot it was at Verboten. If you missed it when it was $40 for Red Bull Music Academy (like, what?!), come through this month because it’s allegedly only $10-15.

    June 20 Some people are really into the Mermaid Parade and this year we’re gonna take the plunge and see what all the fuss is about.

    June 21 Clear our your closet and bring all your old clothes to some second-hand store that gives you store credit, then be good to yourself and pick out a new wardrobe.

    June 25 Make a date with a friend to stop by the Morbid Anatomy Museum’s exhibition Witchcraft Through the Ages.

    June 26 Trans Day of Action kicks off Pride weekend and celebrates the street queens and trans women of color who fought the cops in the Stonewall Riots and all the other queers who paved the way. Be there, or… go see Mykki Blanco and ask them what’s up with their budding interest in investigative journalism.

    June 27 The annual Dyke March usually happens around here. Stay tuned for updates ...

    June 28 If you’re cynical about the whole corporate Pride Parade, make your way to Riis Park Beach with your closest friends and dip your toes into the cool water. If we aren’t too hungover, maybe we’ll see you there.

    June 29 Reflect on Madness and Meaning, feel proud of being called crazy, stay cool in the humidity as July fast approaches.

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