• The Amnesia Issue

    Aniwaniwa’s MegaMix Unleashes a Storm

    The Amnesia Issue
    Tamaki makaurau copy 2

    Aniwaniwa’s MegaMix Unleashes a Storm

    Brace yourselves, because this here is a full-fledged cyclone of a mix from aniwaniwa. Unhinged and operatic, “Tāmaki Makaurau Megamix” keeps you on your toes, segueing, for example, from Chopin to Chief Keef, and from a swami lecturing on snakes to Sosamann (once referred to as “Houston’s Sauce Guru,” so maybe it makes perfect sense). With cuts from Endgame, Massacooramaan, Da Brat, and many more, the tracklist alone is highly recommended reading. Listen below, and keep scrolling to get inside the mind of aniwaniwa.

    aniwaniwa on “Tāmaki Makaurau Megamix”:

    Tāmaki Makaurau is the Māori word for Auckland. I made this mix when I was going crazy from living in Auckland. It’s the only time I make mixes, and I’ve made a few. Although they can sound fun at times, there’s always a super dry, boring autobiographical reason for the audio sources and treatment. Living here is super expensive and all my people are broke and ailing. From the outside where I’m perched, communities are fractured. Although Serato is made here, and we’re one of the most diverse countries in the world, there’s hardly any diversity in club culture. Poor me! It’s really lonely here! LOLJKDW loneliness is a feature not a bug – and I’m all G with dat.

    I came up listening to my unemployed Samoan dad play avant garde metal by himself. Then I went on to be the only (possibly first) Maori Samoan German to study cello at university while playing in a secret hardcore band with my boyfriend, secretly wishing I was good enough to transfer to jazz school. Then I spent six years recording local orchestras for a living, editing vowels in a dark studio by myself with a huge sense of shame. Nobody cares about classical music lol.

    Though I’ve been a musician my whole life, I’ve only been a DJ for three years. And in doing so, I’ve begun to feel like a gnarly little leech, latching on to global diaspora to stay alive in various cuts.

    This mix was constructed as an opera. With an overture and everything.


    1. Borghesia – Toxido

    2. Arthur failed DIY plane scene
    3. Reijo Pami – Hill of Shame

    4. Herbie Hancock – Rockit - x 2

    5. Pink Floyd – Sheep

    6. Chronixx – Perfect Tree
    7. Opera singer in auditorium with rubber duckie
    8. BeBe & CeCe Winans – Meantime
    9. Timofey Vinkovsky and Igor Sklyarov – Chopin’s Prelude in E minor Op 28

    10. Chief Keef – Pursuit of Liberty

    11. Mark Hunt UFC “cheater” interview

    12. Applause

    13. Massacooramaan – Krayzie Bone’s Bass Yarou Voyage Edit

    14. Endgame – Zorna (No Hay Break Remix)

    15. Daniel Satele – Ready or Not Piano Remix

    16. Da Brat – I Got it Poppin (NBA Live 2004 version)

    17. CD – Unda Watta Riddim

    18. Lil Kim – Ladies Night
    19. Trompies – Phola Relax

    20. 808 State – Ancodia
    21. DJ Cleo – Bleksem Ezibandayo
    22. John Carpenter – Back to the Street (from They Live)
    23. Brandy – Dialogue from Moesha
    24. Cleo Commercial

    25. Troop – All I Do

    26. Charlie Wilson – Supersexy instrumental

    27. Young Dolph – What Your Life Like
    28. DJ Lycoxx – I Need Your Love

    29. Jay Sean – Tonight (Crazy Cousins Remix)
    30. Craig David – Are You Up for This

    31. Mafiaboyz – Hands of Time

    32. Cygnus – Electronic Slave

    33. Phelimuncasi – Kdala Ngiwa Ngivuka

    34. OT Genasis – Cut It

    35. Girl Unit – Lights On
    36. Ramadanman – Work Them
    37. Migos – On Top

    38. Barrington Levy – Vibes is Right
    39. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence Theme, Live

    41. Yo Gotti – Law
    42. Albyy – Bring it Back
    43. DJ Mafia Boy – 100% Aggressivo Pt 2
    44. Hoodstars – Wat a Feelin
    45. DJ Moortje – Money
    46. Rave Scene 94 – Hackney Hardcore
    47. Take 6 – Biggest Part of Me
    48. Future – If You Knew What it Took
    49. Hnin Maung – Salt Bottle and the Mangosteens, Beatles bar scene
    50. DJ Nate – Poetry
    51. DJ Rashad – Imma Do Me
    52. Young Mezzy – Funds
    53. Radhanath Swami speaks on snakes
    54. Sosamann – Jus Wanna Win
    55. Jewish Cantor 78rpm

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