• The Demo Tape Issue
    February 2014 #1
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    Housemate allthree

    Quick Tips! How to be more passive-aggressive than your passive-aggressive housemate.


    Craigslist Killer Confesses to killing at least 22 men she identified as “sex offenders”.

    Nola 1
    Harold Hernandez

    Playlist: Sentimentality. Group therapy for Valentines’ Day where we listen at the same time and say “yep” and keep not cleaning our rooms.

    Veganfoodcover 2

    Winter isn’t giving up ... what better way to surrender to this relentless season than keeping it slothy with comfort foods? These three recipes will help soothe the winter malaise. And by soothe we mean food, baby.

    Comfort Foods Will Get You through This

    by Roxanne Baker

    Wastingtime web

    Wear: fashion staples for 2014 Basically, black shirts with depressing post-care sort of stuff printed on them.


    Internet Expedition: GIFY awards. Lierre Keith being transphobic. Net Neutrality losses, and oh so much more.


    Advice columnist Jenn Vicious answers your questions about depression, talkative partners, and “dropping out”.

    Advice by Jenn Vicious

    by Jenn Vicious


    Watch ‘High Maintenance’ the comedy about stoners, without the stoner comedy.

    Hipsters blurred

    Letters by Hanna Hurr

    Makes No Difference

    What to do with our lives when our fantasies of a better world no longer cut it? A letter from the editors explaining the ideas and inspirations behind Mask Magazine.

    Mask Magazine

    Mask Magazine


    Mask Magazine

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