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    The Hustle Issue
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    Affect Matrix: You Can Sit With Us

    How to feel about dying malls, future sex trends, and 48 hours of legalized ecstasy.

    Bear with us through this roller-coaster as we dare to place your problematic favorites, underground heartthrobs, and most volatile feelings next to one another. This week, we’re saying: fuck it, they can all sit together.

    Since we’re starting the year late, we’re giving you a head start with the highlights from 2015 as of yet. Dig in.

    A – That Know-Wave radio show “It’s Fine” with hosts Sam McKinnis and Sarah Nicole Prickett.

    B@SoSadToday meets and blocks their arch nemesis @_SoHappyToday on Twitter.

    C – Venus X predicts the next sex trend: “Orgies with your hottest girlfriends. I hope.” (via Bullett)

    D – Zoolander and Hansel stage a walk-off at Valentino’s Paris Fashion Week show.

    E – Thousands of high school students walk out of class in WI after the murder of Tony Robinson by Madison police. (via Free Thought Project)

    F – Malls are dying, and people are shopping on Instagram. (via The Fader)

    G – Juliana Huxtable named ‘star’ of the New Museum Triennial. (via Vogue.com)

    HDJ Kilbourne’s ongoing love tweets about tennis.

    I – Ireland legalized ecstasy for 48-hours. (via VICE)

    J – Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball is forever immortalized in a wax museum. (via Complex)

    K@Melancalia, @Stud1nt, and @IzzyNastasia develop Affect Matrix concept in the Mask office while binge-watching Pretty Little Liars.

    You can submit your feels to the Affect Matrix by emailing us at mailroom@mask-mag.com.

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