• The Hustle Issue

    Stud1nt Schools Us on What’s Missing from Culture

    The Hustle Issue
    Stud1nt individual cover

    Class Is in Session

    Lesson #1: What’s missing from New York City culture right now.

    Nothing compares to a Stud1nt set when you’re fucked up on the dance floor with your best friends. With the perfect balance of femme artifice and disruptive, dystopian affect, she’s no doubt paving the way for some new queer club paradigm in the rubble of this depressing ass city.

    Here’s what she has to say about what we need in New York these days:

    “More kind people willing to take risks on each other and with their creativity. An anxiety/ego-free club culture by and for freaks and their friends. Promoters that come correct with coinage. Parties for girls that fuck girls. Parties where queer and trans women of color are centered. Sketchy warehouses. Dudes that don’t tell me shit I already know. Disturbing, jarring, sexy club music.”

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