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    Make It Quick: Four Inspiring Beauty Routines

    We’re done hiding our beauty magazines under the bed at night. We want to be the best looking kids from a Tinder date to the riot to the club. If you’re looking for tips to enhance your antagonist look, these babes are here to give you a hand.


    Coral Foxworth aka FXWRK is a DJ and producer based in New York City. Check out what she has to say about her signature hairstyles and getting-ready rituals.  

    What’s your best trick for looking good with minimal effort?

    My best trick is my usual hairstyle: a tiny man bun with shaved sides. It looks neat but cool and edgy without me doing anything at all.  Another favorite is simple black eye liner. Hoop earrings or a bold lipstick easily make a statement and are also quick and effective day-to-day go-to’s I rely on.

    When you have a lot of time to get ready to go out, what goes into developing a look and pulling it off?

    Oh man, if I have mad time it’s a whole, drawn-out process, and I love it. I know very little about fashion, trends, and brands. But, for me, getting a look together to go out is something outside of all that It’s usually a chaotic mess. I dress intuitively so I’m pulling half my shit out of the closet, fabric flying everywhere, mixing and matching, experimenting, trying on eight different combinations in the course of an hour (or two, no shame).  Also, I’ll often google a new complicated makeup look to try and even practice the technique earlier in the day – just to be ready to do it well later that night.

    It’s the middle of your night and you’re still raging, do you care about maintaining your look or nah? If so, what and how do you reapply? 

    If I’m deep into partying, I’m not really tripping about it if I still look cute because chances are half the stuff I had on has fallen off my face and (hopefully) I’m having way too much fun to give a fuck.

    I rage more to get lost, to get out of my body. I didn’t come to the club to worry about maintaining a perfectly put together appeal for people’s consumption. However, if I’m looking truly ratchet, I’ll go fix that in the bathroom real quick out of self-respect! 

    Lately though, now that I’m DJing more, there are always people taking pictures. I feel an urge now to be a bit more image-conscious and look my best all night. I can’t just say fuck it anymore.

    Lee Armoogam

    Lee Armoogam is a model and artist. Read her thoughts on creating natural looks with ease and feeling yourself.

    What’s your best trick for looking cute with minimal effort?

    My best trick for looking good on the go is trying a natural look. it’s important to be comfortable with yourself. It sounds cliché, but it’s a process. I’ve learned to find myself feeling my best in a very natural state. A light brush of coconut oil on my hair and skin, and a nice fruity chapstick sounds ideal. Taking care of your body is key. Little things are very significant, like drinking a lot of water, and stretching for at least 5 minutes a day. Feeling good looks good.

    What low cost beauty products do you absolutely always have to have in your bag? 

    Chapstick or lip balm! I’ll even carry more than one at times. Having healthy lips is very important. I also try to be aware of the ingredients that are used. I like simple products with cocoa butter and different oils, like almond or shea. There are so many unnecessary chemicals in beauty products, with really sketchy names. If it’s not from the Earth, I don’t think my body really needs it.

    Walk us through one of your rituals for getting ready to go out for the night. What do you use and what inspires your look?

    After I shower, I cover my entire body in coconut oil, it’s a lovely meditative process. I’ll use a bit less on my face and hair, but organic unrefined coconut oil is great. I usually wear my hair out and curly, so after adding coco oil I’ll use my hands to smooth it down a bit. When it’s really unruly I like to put them in braids, sometimes 1 or 2, sometimes even 10! I never really go for a specific look, just whatever I’m feeling that day. If it’s a night out and I want to be a little fun, I’ll add a light shimmer eyeshadow, a touch of mascara, and a little bit of eyeliner. That used to be my go-to look, but about a year ago I started going out all natural and it felt a lot more refreshing.

    It’s getting late (early!) and you are still raging. How do you work to re-apply and maintain your look over the course of the night?

    I just splash a bit of water on my face, pat down my hair a bit and make sure I haven’t lost my chapstick... yet.


    Kitty is an artist and rapper from Daytona Beach. Catch up with her most-used-must-have products and favorite brand of glitter.

    What’s your best trick for looking good with minimal effort?

    Most of the time, I’m too lazy to put on a whole face-full of makeup and I’m way too lazy to use moisturizers and masks, but I have really dry, sensitive skin and I end up with a lot of little blemishes. A while ago, I was experimenting with different household things that would help keep my skin smooth, soft, and clear so I wouldn’t have to spend time and energy on finding face products. I started gently scrubbing my face once a day with a tablespoon of brown sugar mixed with a tablespoon of raw honey, letting the mixture sit on my face for a minute or so, and rinsing with warm water. My skin has been basically flawless ever since. 

    What’s your favorite eye make-up look? How do you do your eyes, what products do you use, and so on?

    As much as I wish I could pull off a smoky eye, I usually use an eyeshadow primer and then a Sephora eyeshadow a shade or two lighter than my skin (I have these weird, veiny eyelids – I hate them). 

    My favorite liquid eyeliner is by Kat Von D, and I start in the corner of my eye and sweep on a really thick cat-eye. 

    I use a thick coating of Clinique black mascara on my top lashes and a really soft layer on my bottom lashes, and that’s pretty much it. If I’m about to perform or go somewhere exciting, I usually dust iridescent glitter around my entire eye, and I’m not even gonna lie, my favorite brand of glitter is Claire’s

    Jay Boogie

    Jay Boogie is a Brooklyn-based rapper who recently released the debut album Allure. Peep Jay’s favorite way to rock facial hair and keep up a cunty look all night long.

    What’s your best trick for looking good on-the-go?

    Just a good coat of baby oil and vaseline right after the shower. It makes my body feel a certain way after I get in clothes. It’s almost like an actual outfit for me. I’m real basic in the face, but if I had to choose a moisturizer in particular it would have to involve anti-aging. I’m not fighting aging I’m just being proactive. It really helps that my 50-year-old mom lives with me.

    What beauty products do you absolutely always have to have in your bag? 

    MAC mineral water spray. I’m just cunty, but a lil’ spray bottle of water does the trick. And Luminizer by L’oreal. It’s just an emergency sparkle that I swift across my face. Like, "Omg, he’s coming, I’m not ready." Blistex, the one that comes in the pink jar. Oh, and a soft bristle pocket brush.

    What’s your favorite way to rock your facial hair? Do you have any secret grooming practices to share with us?

    I prefer to rock my beard in a low shadow, like a number 1 in barber terms. The mustache game fluctuates. If I had a grooming trick I’d say moisturize everything. EVERYTHING. Don’t forget in between your toes, take that time out. Your body deserves it. Oh, and treat all the hair on your body equally, I’m talking about brows, lashes, pubes, the hair on your head, and anywhere else.

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