• The Lonely Issue
    February 2017 #37
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    • Cover photo by Kashi Tamang

    • Black Data While registering people to vote, Ishmael Bishop learned why the black radical tradition includes a big dose of skepticism towards big data.

    • Wearing Google Cardboard to Watch the Revolution Virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift place you at the center of another universe..

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    Table Of Contents


    KALA Releases L.O.T.O. The Brooklyn-based artist and club party staple’s new EP is a disorienting call to arms.

    Loneliness inaction

    Stealth Care by Ruby Brunton

    On Leaving the House

    Showing up at the protest requires leaving the house. Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

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    Alone with Molly Soda

    Check out this Bash Back! inspired bomber I can think of a couple kids who would love to their hands on this one.


    A House In Oakland A tight-knit group create shelters for the homeless in an innovative and reproducible way, direct action.


    Watch: “Jones” by Goon Soul about a night with a lover in the underbelly of Montreal’s club scene.

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    Without Tenderness We Are in Hell

    Watch: “Hollywood Babylon” by XUXA SANTAMARIA Plus: Sofía Córdova on creative labor as a means of survival.


    Cameos Kashi Tamang, Masha, and Chinwe Okona talk looks, lonely, and horoscopes.


    Post-Apocalyptic Sensuality Watch the new music video “Green Light” from Pamela_ and her sons.


    Strong Hearts to the Front A video invites people to join the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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    Sunday Afternoon at the Red Hook Record Store

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    February 2017

    Eclipse season always ups the ante.

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    Letters by Ripley Le Fay

    Lonesome Town

    This is The Lonely Issue, in which we play broken telephone with our feelings, hoping one of us will find a grain of truth in the chaos.

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