• The Madness Issue
    May 2015 #16
    Hannahcover new
    • on the cover read our interview with artist and writer hannah black where she reveals the method to her madness.

    • berlin diary the rise in police crackdowns, criminalization, and deportations may spell the death of squatting in berlin. read more.

    • in search of orphans one year after becoming an orphan, ruby brunton went looking for fellow orphans online. read more.

    • write for us next month marks “the alien issue”. read our call for submissions.

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    Table Of Contents


    Feed Me by Anwar Batte

    Can’t Stand Pop? Try Slowing It Down 800%

    If you slow down Justin Bieber 800% he starts sounding like a nature goddess, which really makes you think...

    Thanisssaro Bhikkhu
    May cameos

    Three tough women make an appearance for our May Cameos. Get to know Raven Rakia, Jasmine Gibson, Sasha Geffen.

    Mohammed fayaz 1024
    Enter the World of Mojuicy
    A1017475670 10

    EKIM brings the emotional trap music with her new self-titled EP.

    Screen shot 2015 05 04 at 2.23.30 pm

    Baltimore based rapper Lor Chris flips the bird at the cops for Freddie Gray in his new music video.

    Letter cover

    Letters by Hanna Hurr

    We’re Going Mental

    Let’s move past the sad girl trope. Let’s become less averse to discomfort. Let’s become more resilient.

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