• The Masculine Issue
    August 2017 #43
    Patmanuel cover
    • Step Outside Your Comfort Zone Professional boxer, LGBTQ advocate, and Buff Butch founder Patricio Manuel. Photo by Bibs Moreno.

    • The Queer Art of Fucking Your Friends The platonic/romantic binary is just as false as all the others.

    • Suffer Little Children The histories of youth incarceration and hospitalization in America are inseparable.

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    Perhaps to eclipse is something we do. Perhaps an eclipse is something we become. Let’s allow the eclipse to be an invitation to be present, together, before the challenges we face.

    The Next Eclipse

    by – Anonymous

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    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    August 2017

    The other world isn’t waiting on the other side of an apocalypse – it’s already growing like weeds through the concrete.

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