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    The Multiple Worlds Issue
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    Flyer for Joey LaBeija's upcoming Legendary party. Photo by Eric Johnson.

    Joey LaBeija and DonChristian Give Us New Friend Goals

    There’s still something so holy about collaborations between good friends. Right now, we are nodding in our seats because Joey LaBeija and Camp&Street’s DonChristian just dropped “You Don’t Know.”

    This R&B-classic-turned-club-song remind us why we need to leave the office once in a while because damn, is it sexy! And let us not forget, the two artists actually released the track as a celebration of their joint birthday. So, thank you to these Sagittariuses for giving us new friend goals.

    Make sure to hit up LaBeija’s Legendary party at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn this Friday with DJ sets from Le1f, Geng, ShyBoi, Tigga Calore, False Witness and other special guests. Or, if you’re a recluse like us, you can listen to the acapella version, the instrumental, or the mixed track, over and over again alone in your room.

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