• The Organized Issue
    November 2017 #46
    Organized cover

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    Cw2 featured

    Your life is precious. But it’s your life, you get to decide how to live it or not.

    CW Suicide

    by – Anonymous


    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    December 2017

    You are the flood and the flood is you. What do you do with this saturating, dissolving, uplifting, and terrifying power?

    Tygapawlovethyself featured

    TYGAPAW’s debut EP Love Thyself showcases Dion McKenzie’s expansive skills as a producer, with tracks moving from baile funk to New York vogue to Baltimore club and back.

    Organizedcameos featured web

    Alli Logout, Manuel Arturo Abreu, Gaelle Win Robin Wall-to-wall mosh pits, tres leches, reparations and other winter goals.

    Kafilah web

    Listen to DJ Kfeelz’s Mix “Interstellar” Kafilah Mohammed took a study break to mix up this cosmic relief of joyful sounds.


    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    November 2017

    Scorpio energy encourages us to feel, to release, and to transform – in that order, preferably.

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