• The Persona Issue

    FXWRK Is Bringing the Preparty Vibe for LRAD

    The Persona Issue

    Flier for LRAD.NYC by Jenny Marks

    FXWRK Is Bringing the Preparty Vibe for LRAD

    We know you were looking for just the right thing to listen to while you put on your makeup, we got you...

    On Friday, December 4, from 11PM to 4AM we’re bringing back our party LRAD at Trans-Pecos in Ridgewood, Queens with DJ sets by Olive T, FALSE WITNESS, FXWRK, and BEARCAT, and apocalyptic visuals by one of our favorite artists and collaborators, Jenny Marks. Come through, and bring your friends.

    To get you pumped for Friday, we’re presenting an exclusive mix by FXWRK with the perfect vibe for thumbing through your closet, putting on your face, and herding your crew out the door.

    FXWRK shared some her inspirations for crafting the mix:

    “This selection of tracks and the general vibe of this mix is a sonic journey through inner chaos and transformation. Emotionally resonant songs and rapid changes between tracks create a high energy experience that allows for when you're vibing and introspecting in the club AND when explosions of feeling and movement overwhelm you ... and every nuance in between. I chose tracks that ‘feel’ healing and resonate deeply with me and have an essential uniqueness and ‘soulfulness’ about them, as well as a few straight up effective party tracks that I thought would get Mask readers ready for LRAD. I also wanted to hilight the groundbreaking sounds of some super talented young producers like Sam Gellaitry, Raava and DEFFIE. These artists are among those bringing an entirely new wave of sounds and vibes that will help all of keep dancing through the intensity of the precarious times we live in.”


    1 Be Alright – Jarreau Vandal
    2 Jumpsuit 2 – DEFFIE + R.O.M (Das Bae)
    3 Jumpman – Drake ft Future
    4 ? (literally cant fiind this one?)
    5 Antidote – depressed-teenager-x-swisha-sweet-remix
    7 Tory Lanez – Initiation (Raava and LMC Edit)
    8 ...haha – Sam Gellaitry
    9 Fathom – Mesa
    10 Still got it – Joey Purp Vic Mensa Two Fresh
    11 Spacehead – Medasin
    12 Bailar Con migo – Raava
    13 Hold on – Grand Theft X Sleepy Tom
    14 Girls Dem Sugar (Kush Jones Jersey Club Remix)
    15 Wait and See – Lakim
    16 Nebula – Sam Gellaitry

    Don’t forget to RSVP... See you there!

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