• The Post-Friendship Issue
    June 2014 #5
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    With many lovers, it gets complicated. But perhaps that’s the only way to love.

    On Polydrama 

    by J.P. Tamang


    A skateboard high school? Yep, that’s a thing in Malmö, Sweden.

    Texas farm

    Drones against animal cruelty? Will Potter is running a kickstarter to fund drones for reporting on cruel conditions at factory farms across the country.


    Rich kid of Instagram loses $850 000 worth of luxury cars in repeated arson attacks.


    Junglepussy released her debut album “Satisfaction Guaranteed” this week. This Brooklyn-based style icon is a vixen about to blow up.


    The World Cup starts today, and with it the culmination of a much longer power battle between Brazilians resisting the World Cup and the authorities working to defend it.

    The World Cup Mega-Disaster Is On

    by Hanna Hurr

    Screen shot 2016 05 31 at 4.06.10 pm

    Letters by Tyler Reinhard

    It's All about Who You Know

    We abandoned the “activist” for a new kind of organizing. One based on friendship, affinity, and common enmity. Friendship, though, is as old as political power itself. In this letter from the editors, our thoughts on why, from now on, all friendship is nepotism.

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