• The Woo Issue
    November 2016 #34
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    It's Gorgeous When You Die Watch this short documentary on the intimate work of a headstone carver.


    Cameos: our friends Kai Cherot, Eva M. Nelson, and B. Flickinger share some of their insights on living magic

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    With a little help from some plants Inspiration for bad times from herbalists Antonia Estela Pérez and Jennifer Patterson.

    Venus in Leo Offers Affordable Non-Toxic Body Care

    All My Relations Standing Rock water protectors on native warrior culture and why they are fighting

    Sacredstone2 web

    Best Way to Carve a Turkey Here’s how you can support Standing Rock and the resistance against DAPL.


    The police exhibited racism and homophobia while shutting down the Ray-Ban x Boiler Room Weekender festival, promoted as a safe space for underground artists. Three days later, Donald Trump was elected president.

    Guns at the Pool Party

    by Geoff Mak

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    Yatta Zoker

    The Personal Things Trans elder Miss Major Griffin-Gracy tells the story of when she decided to stop trying to assimilate.

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    Spirit Said Yes! YATTA’s unleashes ghosts and cyborg fantasies on her debut EP.


    Digital Illusion GOLD: New mix by DJ Internet Visions' gleams trough the bleakness of now - for the "hopeless, hopeful, half-dead humans and non-humans".

    Peripheral Gaze

    Fighting spirit, working hands The Chicago Police Department called Lucy Parsons more dangerous than a thousand rioters.

    Nov 16 horoscope art

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    November 2016

    Amid the current political climate, the sun moves through Scorpio urging us to seek what is obscured and if we need to let go - just fall apart. In this state, we understand that we are never finished and we are never neutral


    No Brow by Jaime Chu

    How to Thrive in Solitude

    ““The voice in Pond is a woman whose sure sense of self – one with a principled fluidity – comes from thriving in solitude, which isn’t to say in isolation.” Jaime Chu reviews Claire Louise-Bennett’s Pond.


    Witchy Business Here are some of our favorite online stores for potions, herbs, candles, and other witchery.

    Woo sample

    Letters by Hanna Hurr

    This Is Make-Believe

    When the whole world is make-believe, our awareness of death and the impossibility of a life worth living can be a villain’s superpower.

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