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    bbmilf666 _ is an online moniker for a shit bitch that professionally stalks bands as some sort of income. She’s a young sensitive female and she’s learning about growing up while living with her first ever boyfriend. It’s something like when Avril said he was a punk, she did ballet except they live in bk, he’s into noise and she does clubs.


    Bailey A was “really going to be something at the age of twenty-two”, but decided to be herself instead. A former women's studies and film student in Ontario, Canada, now in the process of moving to NYC. You can find her rants about Borderline Personality Disorder, and the men she might kinda-sorta-be-dating on Twitter and her selfies on Instagram

    Bini web

    Bini Adamczak works (preferably not too much) as an author, performer and visual artist. Her book Communism for Children will be published in English by MIT Press in Spring 2017. She studied philosophy in Frankfurt and now lives in Berlin. Like many girls in her position, she dreams about doing something “real” or "with her hands" – for example, to make a revolution. You can find her on Facebook.


    Zoe Addison reads and writes poetry. She likes rocks, small metallic objects, and access to medicine. She has been published on Everyday Genius, and in the second issue of Deluge. She is the co-author of &c.&c.&c.&c.&c.&c.&c.&c.&c. with Cynthia Spencer. You can find her on tumblr.

    Adlerbell web

    Sam Adler-Bell is a policy associate in the privacy, security, and surveillance program at the Century Foundation in New York. His work has appeared in The Nation, The New Republic, Jacobin, and elsewhere.


    Lena Afridi writes mostly about cities, race, and organizing. She is a card-carrying USAPL powerlifter from New York City. Deadlift day is her favorite day.

    Aaditya web

    Aaditya Aggarwal is an aspiring filmmaker and a contributing writer to The New Inquiry and the Zubaan Blog, among other publications, as well as a former co-editor of Camera Stylo, a University of Toronto publication. He is a student of Film and South Asian Studies.

    Asam ahmad

    Asam Ahmad says he is a big brown terrorist who likes colouring in bed. He has only ever experienced transcendence via dim sum (savoury pork buns and shiu mai). He thinks way too much and doesn't get paid nearly enough.

    Img 6717

    Savan Abdalrahman Ahmed is a literary translator who is currently the editor-in-chief at the Kurdish cultural website DidiMn, where she was previously the translation supervisor. Ahmed has worked in consultation with the director of Zheen Archive to select and translate Piramerd’s selected prose and poetry in English. Ahmed earned an accounting degree from the Administration and Economics department at the University of Sulaimani in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. She is the founder of Temagroup and her work has appeared in Baran Magazine, Hamrin Center, Rexney Chawder, M—Dash, and The Militant. DidiMn published Ahmed's book Translation: An Act More Than Changing Words. May68 Youth group published her translated book Universities in a Neoliberal World. https://didimn.com


    Aria Alamalhodaei is a Florida-born writer currently living on the south coast of England. She spends a lot of time thinking about speculative fiction, toxic ecologies, and psychoanalysis.


    Garth Algar enjoys being told what to do in Philadelphia and elsewhere, and runs NegateCity, a zine distro aiming to provide the North Carolina Hardcore scene with viewpoints on issues affecting the conditions of our existence.

    Dan web

    Dan Allegretto lives in Brooklyn and has finally found his voice and is mortified to use it. He takes pictures and tweets.

    Allen pic

    Rachel Allen lives and writes in North Carolina. Find her on tumblr.


    Tom Allen lives in London, where he is at work on a thesis regarding the historical transformations in the concept of security and these transformations’ critical representation in post cold-war poetry and cinema. He has published writing with Materials, Veer and several magazines. He occasionally publishes his own and others’ writing with Fraile Press

    Chrisalley web

    Christopher Alley is a college-accredited underachiever from Brooklyn, NY. Chris spends most of his time struggling to complete a coffee table book on the history of battle rap and working on music. When he remembers to, he also writes music criticism under the pen name “Christopher Alley”.

    Zaina web

    Zaina Alsous is an abolitionist daughter of the Palestinian diaspora, and sloppy-ass water sign, currently studying poetry and eating mangos in Miami while missing her comrades back in NC.


    – Anonymous Articles authored anonymously to protect the privacy of the authors.


    Aiden Arata is an INFP Gemini whose writing has appeared in publications including BOMB, Hobart, Shabby Doll House, Potluck, Electric Cereal, and Hobart. She lives in Los Angeles and on social media at @aidenarata.


    Angel Archer is a Libra and in her spare time enjoys downloading pictures of angels from Blingee.com, printing them out, and kissing them. Find her on Tumblr.


    Amanda Arnold is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor who's passionate about Latin American literature and seafood in all its edible forms. You can find her on Twitter.


    Michael Ashley is a friend of Mask and lives in NYC.


    Sand Avidar-Walzer is a scholar and writer living in New York. He's written on music for Glide Magazine and The Quietus, among others.


    Robin Babb is a writer and editor who's lived in a lot of different places. She writes for The Weekly Alibi, a weekly paper in Albuquerque, and hikes the Sandias a lot. She believes the best way to fight things is with information. She'll go back to school one day, really.

    Trouble baker

    trouble baker only knows how to express affections for others through cooking, and that's fine.


    Roxanne Baker is a hag in residence at Mask Magazine. She currently lives on massive credit card debt in Durham, NC. If she's not hiding out in her coven, or at the Pinhook, you can find her creeping around the aisles of Beauty World.


    Ada Banks is 19 and an artist from Ann Arbor, MI. After graduating from high school she moved to Brooklyn to work and make art. Her interests include: taking pictures, playing dress up, climbing things, questioning existence, and learning new things. She is a little lost but will probably be okay in the end.


    Leigh Barton is a New York native marketing and events professional moonlighting as a DJ/artist manager/writer/vintage t-shirt seller. She has a severe case of Resting Bitch Face and sincerely apologizes for this. Leigh spends most of her time complaining, looking for a place to charge her phone, drinking green juice or Budweiser, aspiring to be a professional wrestler and posting fire-ass content on Twitter and Instagram.


    Anwar Batte is a legal fiction and digital denizen currently residing in occupied Lenape territory. “Everything I'm not made me everything I am.” —Kanye West


    @Sweat _Bee is an artist. She believes in creative interventions, queer supremacy, and that people should be able to sleep all day if they want to. Follow her on Tumblr.


    Maya Ben David Maya Ben David (MBD) is a Toronto-based Jewish-Iranian Anthropomorphic Airplane. Working in video, installation and performance, she creates worlds and characters that aid her ongoing exploration of anthropomorphism, cosplay and performative personas. Ben David presents the origin stories of her characters in the form of video and performance, and expands on them via her online presence. They often inhabit alternate universes accompanied by nostalgia, such as the worlds of Pokémon and Spiderman. In addition, Ben David also plays a character called MBD who is known for having multiple feuds with her many alter egos as well as the art world. Most infamously, MBD has ignited online feuds with artists such as Jon Rafman and Ajay Kurian.


    Jules Bentley is the author of the novel Fuck or Swim, coming spring 2018 from Metamour Press.


    Ishmael Bishop is a writer from Eastern NC. You can read more of his work here.

    Aliceblackhurst2 web

    Alice Blackhurst is a writer and a research fellow in Visual Culture at King’s College, Cambridge. She writes on critical theory, contemporary film, fashion and art.

    Maggie block

    Maggie Block is a Youth Librarian in the Deep South. When she isn’t reading and over-analyzing youth literature, watching too much online TV, or neglecting her blog and twitter account, she tries to organize in radical collectives dedicated to destroying prisons, capitalism, racism, patriarchy – and other stuff too, probably.

    Hunter2 web

    Hunter Bolin is a writer, editor and translator focused on topics like catastrophe and the good life.


    Joelle Bouchard Joelle Bouchard is an online entity rarely spotted but based out of Philadelphia. Operating under namaste.at.home.dad on Instagram and Namaste at Home Dad on Facebook, Bouchard makes collage memes that focus an analytical lens on anything and everything that is current and relevant, while striving to maintain the yin and yang of humor and truth. Bouchard helped to start the Adult Swim show Bottom Text, but left to pursue their own shit.


    JB Brager is a comics artist, illustrator and writer, and a PhD candidate in Women’s & Gender Studies at Rutgers University. On Instagram @j.brager.art


    Bella Bravo Bella Bravo is a writer living in Bloomington, Indiana. Their work can be found in Commune, Driftless, Limestone Post, and Peach. https://theunpositioned.parts/

    Adambrelsford headshot

    Adam Brelsford is a Pharmacy student based in the UK. His interests include medicine, writing, and any overlap between the two. He has previously written for PJ Online and the Cardiff University student newspaper.

    Agbrown mask

    Alex G. Brown is a fashion and entertainment writer based in Toronto, ON. Her work explores the daily intersection of fashion and pop culture without leaving you cross-eyed. You can check out more of her work at alexgabrielbrown.com.

    Mikael brunila

    Mikael Brunila is a freelance writer from Finland. He has co-authored a book on the extreme right in Finland and another on zero tolerance policies in Helsinki as well as co-edited a book on open and closed spaces on the internet. His current leanings are towards the intersections between programming and the social sciences.


    Ruby Brunton is a New Zealand-raised poet and performer who now lives in Brooklyn. She spends a lot of time thinking about how to create community and education alternatives. Find her on Twitter and Tumblr.


    Rose Buttress is a seamstress and machinist living in Baltimore. Absolutely humorless and nightmarish in temperament, she spends all her time tailoring, mending holes, and manufacturing or replacing worn machine parts.

    Byrne pic

    Brendan C. Byrne criticism has appeared in Rhizome and Arc, among other organs. His fiction has appeared in Flurb and Flapperhouse.


    Aaron Miguel Cantú is a freelance journalist.

    Matt web

    Matt Casciano is the Editor-in-Chief of Mask Magazine.

    Frances web

    Frances Chanel is a middle school drop-out studying color and curly hair at a school for cosmetology in San Francisco. They currently live in Oakland, CA, and spend most of their time obsessing over finding the perfect comb, drinking a perverse amount of coffee, reading sad-lady poetry, and advising friends about trending queer haircuts. Follow them on tumblr and instagram.

    Img 1305

    Nasim Chatha is from Baltimore County. She likes to write and to think about the language that hides modern day imperialism.


    Catherine Chen is a poet and performer living in Atlanta.


    Jimmy Chen lives in San Francisco, where he enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and eating. He maintains some personal writing here.


    Kai Cherot is a poet who currently resides in Atlanta, GA. His poetry primarily focuses on the destruction capitalism has on both the black body and on nature.


    Chloe Chon is a staff writer at Mask Magazine. When she's not writing for Mask she works her day job in Austin, TX, DJs basement house parties, or starts scripts that she will never finish. Find her on tumblr.


    Jason Christian was born and raised in Oklahoma. His fiction and essays have appeared in Atticus Review, Cleaver Magazine, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and elsewhere. He is currently an MFA candidate at Louisiana State University, Co-Director of Delta Mouth Literary Festival, and Nonfiction Editor at New Delta Review. He lives with his dog Seymour in Baton Rouge.


    Erica Christina lives on the East Coast and is a great lover of caffeine, food, and good literature. All three at once, sensation overload. She has previously written for The Purple Fig, My Thirty Spot, and The Good Men Project.


    Andreas Chronis lives in Philadelphia. He plays in several hardcore bands and runs a small record label. On tumblr.


    Jaime Chu is a writer from Hong Kong currently living in New York. Her last known permanent address might be Twitter.

    K9wxhxvag5pkfxyi4u gkrt2k6pcv52mzcflobcxxzk hcb tdltgrrkep3colx22p33e53bonievkw4df4z l0

    Bob Civil finds it absurd to write about himself/herself/themself (?) in third person and doesn't know which pronoun to use since it, me, i, doesn't associate with any of them. its work focuses on the intersections in all of our prevailing realities, human behavior, queerness, otherness, and the tropes of being a human today. bob is an intersectional feminist, artist, writer, thinker, and weirdo.

    Ashley coffey

    Ashley Coffey is not a thot, not a sad girl, seeks power through joy and friendship, and Instagrams fervently. Born in Southern California, Ashley studied film production in the Midwest and currently resides in Ridgewood, Queens.

    Saschac web

    Sascha Cohen is a writer and historian of American satire. Her work has appeared in Time, The Washington Post, Vice, Playboy, Smithsonian Magazine, The New York Daily News, SELF, and elsewhere.

    Wm ap0h5 400x400

    Lou Cornum was born and raised in Arizona, now lives in Brooklyn, and studies smutty science fiction at the CUNY Graduate Center.

    Fullsizerender (1)

    yung costanza is a writer from East Flatbush who still lives in Brooklyn out of spite. He enjoys music, formulaic crime shows, and oversharing his feelings. Please let him buy you a drink sometime.


    Deirdre Coyle is a goth living in Brooklyn. Find her on Twitter.

    Kymcunningham web

    Kym Cunningham obtained her MFA from San Jose State University. She has received the Ida Fay Sachs Ludwig Memorial Scholarship, the Academy of American Poets Prize, MARY’s Editor’s Prize, and two Pushcart Prize nominations. Her writing has been published in more than a dozen literary journals and two anthologies. Her first chapbook was published in February 2018.


    Emily Dall'Ora Warfield is trying to use her women’s studies degree. She lives in Brooklyn just like everybody else.


    Phoenix Danger is your typical brooding Capricorn. They really believe everything they say.

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    Marco DaSilva is an NYC-born and -based artist and a recent art school graduate. He teaches after school art to middle school kids and has an affinity for fake gold and 99c stores. Find him on Instagram.

    Screen shot 2016 06 19 at 12.35.55 pm

    Davey Davis is an editor and writer living in the Bay Area. They care about body horror and queer sensibilities. You can find their work at The Tusk, Punchnel's, Plenitude, and other publications.

    Img 2450

    Erika Delgado is a Xicana and writer based out of the SF Bay Area. She spends too much time avoiding her problems and writing about music she's obsessed with. She also is a poet and creative writer.


    Alyse Deller spends their time trying not to have regrets or a job. They are also into: hating on everything, food, and talking about feelings. They currently live in Austin, Texas and feel pretty whatever about it.


    Zak Desfleurs is a DJ, producer, and writer living in the Pacific Northwest. Aspiring problematic fav.


    Evelyn Deshane has appeared in Briarpatch Magazine, The Rusty Toque, and the forthcoming Tesseracts 19: Superhero Universe. In 2015, The Steel Chisel released Mythology, a poetry chapbook containing Evelyn's speculative poetry. Evelyn received an MA from Trent University and currently studying for a PhD at Waterloo University. Visit evedeshane.wordpress.com for more information.


    Arvind Dilawar is a writer and editor. His articles, interviews, and essays on everything from the spacesuits of the future to love in the time of visas have appeared in Newsweek, The Guardian, Vice, and elsewhere.

    Valentina web

    Valentina Di Liscia writes and translates from Brooklyn, New York. She thinks about Latin American conceptual art and the intersections of art history and translation. If she could have dinner with anyone, it would probably be Luis Camnitzer, of whom she considers herself a disciple.


    Corina Dross is an artist, astrologer, and rabble-rouser best known for her illustrated card deck, Portable Fortitude. Based out of Philadelphia for the last ten years, she’s currently splitting her time between the East Coast and the Northwest.
    <br />

    Anais web

    Anaïs Duplan is a poet, artist, curator, and author of Take This Stallion (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2016) and Mount Carmel and the Blood of Parnassus (Monster House Press, 2017).


    José Durán lives in New York. He is a graduate student in physiology who seldom writes fictionalized memoir.

    Img 6716

    Lawk Ebubekir is the supervisor of the 68 Youth activism group in Kurdistan and the editing manager at the Kurdish cultural site DidiMn. Ebubekir was previously an editor at Ghazalnus and the Sardam publishing house in Iraq. He is a member of Salim Cinema in Sulaimani where he edits subtitled films. Ebubekir has also published translations of Arabic literary works at Balinde, Awene, and Hawlati. https://didimn.com

    Evan eisel

    Evan Eisel is an absurdist photographer and occasional sculptor. He makes it up as he goes along. evaneisel.tumblr.com


    Layla Fassa is an artist and writer physically based in New York, digitally based between some terabyte hard drives and off-shore server towers, and is constantly in the midst of a multitude of virtual and real personas.


    Carrie Feldman was subpoenaed in 2009 to a federal grand jury in Davenport, IA, investigating animal rights vandalism. She refused to testify and was jailed for 4 months on “civil contempt of court”. When she's not rabble-rousing or baking, she drives a bus for an organic food share collective and crunches numbers for local nonprofits.

    Alex2 web

    Alex Fleming is a contributing editor at Mask. He is also an artist, curator and writer. He formerly worked as a programmer at the Scottish arts organization Arika. From 2012 to 2015 he was organizer of CAGE, an artist workspace and prisoner solidarity project in the Lower East side of Manhattan.

    Ryan fletcher web

    Ryan Fletcher lives in Washington, D.C. and runs a social change communications project called Movement Media, among other things.


    Myriah Florence was born and raised in the Midwest with a ravenous appetite for all things culture. When they aren't working or talking someone’s ear off, they're probably on the internet or stuck to the TV.

    Jaysonflores 500x500jpg

    Jayson Flores is the founder and editor of The Billions Unheard, Aries/Taurus cusp, bigender, Latinx, vegan, femme person, and the biggest Buffy fan you know. Now writing for Bustle, serving as an assistant editor and columnist at The Rumpus, and freelancing for The Dodo. Passionate, deeply feeling, sometimes angry, mostly emotional.

    Maggie web

    Maggie Foster is a member of Woodbine with whom she is trying to collectively build the means to live and fight. She is a practitioner of various forms of bodywork. She lives in Ridgewood, Queens and spends most of her time suffering through the strains of physical meaningless work, your infuriating gestures of accumulating social capital, the exhausting labor of self-care for multiple chronic illnesses, and the tactile work of building a revolutionary force. Hit her up: Maggieleefoster@gmail.com


    Brinley Froelich lives in Salt Lake City, UT, where she spends her time writing, stitching, or in/on the water. Find more of her work at booforever.com.

    Mefunke web

    M.E. Funke is a non-binary seventeen-year-old, emerging as a freelance writer, while suffering in sweaty suburban Southern California to achieve his high school diploma.


    John Galvin is a young writer from somewhere near the mouth of hell, Texas. He is interested in seduction, suburbia, hands, catholicism, and the delusive potential of intimacy. He likes Los Angeles more than New York. He has more of a spiritual connection to Nina Simone, Stevie Nicks, Mariah Carey, and Sade than Ian Curtis.


    Sasha Geffen is a writer based in Denver whose essays and criticism have appeared in the New Inquiry, Real Life Mag, the Chicago Reader, Pitchfork, and others. Their work tends to settle on the intersection of pop culture and gender.

    Jasmine gibson

    Jasmine Gibson is a Marxist feminist working as a mental health worker in the South Bronx – soon to be a psychotherapist for all your gooey psychosis episodes matching the bipolar flows of capital.


    Doug Gilbert works a long and boring job that causes him to sweat too much and hate his life. Sometimes he gets breaks, sometimes he doesn't. In his spare time he writes about life and the things that anger him.

    Ericg web

    Eric Ginsburg is a journalist who studied history and loves basketball and noodles. He’s freelanced for VICE and The New York Times, among others, and spends too much time staring at screens.

    Sophia mask headshot

    Sophia Giovannitti Sophia is a writer in New York. Follow her @dishonestwork.

    Babygirl web

    baby girl is a student in a rainy northwest town where she mostly just reads theory at the bar. She always wears all black and likes to hang out with her friends and yell about anarchy.

    Gittlitz author

    A.M. Gittlitz is a journalist and social critic based in Brooklyn, New York, whose work focuses on radical politics, counterculture, and history. Gittlitz has contributed to the New Inquiry, the New York Times, the Outline, Baffler, Salon, and Vice. He's the third mic on the Antifada podcast and is currently writing a book about the Misfits.

    Justin glawe

    Justin Glawe is a journalist who covers crime and law enforcement for several publications. He lives in Chicago.

    Joy carew

    Joy Gleason Carew is the author of Blacks, Reds and Russians: Sojourners in Search of the Soviet Promise (Rutgers U Press 2008, 2010). She is also an Associate Professor of Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky.


    Hannah K. Gold is a writer based in Brooklyn focusing on the militarization of higher ed, prisons, and lit. Words at The Guardian, The Nation, Vice, Rolling Stone, etc.

    Kelseygoldberg web

    Kelsey Goldberg is a writer, actor, comedian living in Los Angeles. She is a writer/performer on the Pack Theater house team Bedlam and a writer for Top Story Weekly. She co-created the web series Over Easy and is the head writer on the Playboy TV show News Uncovered.

    Marco   headshot

    Marco Gomez is a sound artist, music producer, and DJ. He sometimes writes about his personal experiences, nightlife, and the occasional music review. He got his degree in Pharmacy, and refuses to use it. He’s based in Brooklyn, NY.


    Courtney Guenveur is an art student at Winona State University in Winona, MN. She is addicted to the internet, but also enjoys the sentimental things in life, like books and walks.

    Taylor hall

    Taylor Hall is a young writer-poet-basketcase/LA transplant currently living in Minneapolis. She is a feminist, an activist, and event coordinator within the local Queer community. She attends Saint Catherine’s University, studying English and Women/Gender Studies.


    Yvette Hall is a producer at Mask Magazine and would love to hear how you conceptualize electricity and gravity.

    Brianna haupt web

    Brianna Haupt is a teacher in Winona, MN. She is a mixed media artist and organizer for Mid West Music Fest, which always delivers the goods.


    Johanna Hedva is an anticapitalist psychonaut sorceress who strives to practice an intersectional-feminist, queer, anti-white-supremacist, decolonial politics. They are a fourth-generation Los Angelena on their mother’s side, and, on their father’s side, the grandchild of a woman who escaped from North Korea. Check out their work on their website.

    Sophie helf

    Sophie Helf is a coder and writer who lives in New York City.

    Charles web

    Charles Hellier is a musician, writer, and martial artist living in Atlanta, GA.


    Nick Henderson is a writer based in Minneapolis, and a PhD student in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature at University of Minnesota. Find him on Instagram.

    Sdhs web

    Sean D. Henry-Smith is a photographer and writer whose work has appeared in Apogee Journal, Contact Sheet, The Offing, FACT, and The New York Times.


    Ingaheadshot web

    Inga Hensing hates the state and loves her friends. She gets by in the Bay Area.


    Harold Hernandez is the artist and mind behind Kids with Krowns in New Orleans, LA.

    Hannah hodson

    Hannah Hodson is a writer, actress and semi-nocturnal New York native. Interests include waking up at noon, gluten-free pizza, and most things mango-flavored. The hit Comedy Central series “Broad City” may (or may not) be based on excerpts from her diary. Other writing can be found on Autostraddle.com, Xanga, Friendster and Sconex.

    Lisahofmann kuroda

    Lisa Hofmann-Kuroda is a queer, mixed-race writer, academic, and activist living between Berkeley, California, and Tokyo, Japan. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at UC Berkeley. In her writing and activism, she thinks broadly about queer alternatives to institutionalized forms of belonging.


    Gregg Horton is a self-described “techie scum” working in San Francisco and living in Oakland. When not writing code, he enjoys making sound, and teaching others how to stick it to the man through encryption. He thinks your start-up idea is dumb.

    Dorothy new

    Dorothy Howard is a Wikipedian, poet, and most of all, a person living in New York. She has published things with the Daily Beast, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Poor Claudia, and Adult Magazine.

    Jeff hume fox mask headshot

    Jeff Hume is an online producer from Toronto interested in the intersection of media, art, society, and technology.


    Hanna Hurr is a co-founding editor of Mask Magazine.

    Alexiadarola web

    Alexander Iadarola lives and works in New York City. He mainly covers electronic music and contemporary art, and has written for publications including Art in America, DIS, AQNB, Arachne, Vice, Pitchfork, and others.


    Shannon Iggy is a professional student and part-time sex educator. She currently resides in a cupboard under her parents' staircase. More of her ramblings can be found at rediscoveringnewyork.com.


    Andrew Isaacson is a hacker based in San Francisco, where he co-founded
    the Noisebridge hackerspace. He likes increasing human liberty, helping
    communities empower themselves, securing digital communications, and
    drinking good coffee.


    Kc Itohan
    is an artist and historian percolating in the United States. She sometimes embodies the ghosts of dangerous, unlovable, and abrasive Black femmes, forging possibility for femmesurrection. When she’s alive, she spends time thinking and writing about bodies, violence, labor, and other horrors.

    Shruti web

    Shruti Iyer is a student and poet based in London. She documents her pigeon-chasing here and her love for guavas here.


    Rebecca Jackson spends her time worrying about the future and asking acquaintances if they like their job. She is a filmmaker and grad student living in El Paso, Austin, or Minneapolis.

    Ash web

    Ash Jegroo is a mixed-race Brooklyn native who enjoys peace, love, and making trouble for the establishment. When he’s not driving out the hipster colonizers and their occupying army of cops,​ he's live-tweeting protests at @AshAgony.


    Rebecca John lives in Brooklyn, where she spends a lot of time walking to the waterfront and writing just about anywhere. Depending on the day, this world makes her feel tired, livid, and hopeful.

    Jamesj web

    James Johnson is the co-founder of Brooklyn DIY venue and gallery HECK. You can find him writing about music subcultures across the internet, and on his site activecultur.es.

    Raechelannejolie web

    Raechel Anne Jolie is an educator, writer, and media maker. Her work focuses on radical left politics, healing justice, queer identity, pop culture, and more.



    George Joseph is an education/labor reporter in NYC. Clamato juice is the way to his heart.


    Santiago Jose Sanchez is a writer and photographer in Brooklyn. His photos can be seen on his website and on Instagram.

    Screen shot 2017 12 20 at 10.04.58 am

    Trish Kahle is a Mellon Dissertation Fellow at the University of Chicago, as well as a journalist and contributing editor for Red Wedge Magazine. Her work focuses on labor, climate change, and social movements and has appeared in outlets such as Bitch, Jacobin, Dissent, and Salvage.

    Saritha web

    Saritha Kambhampati Ramakrishna currently lives in Greater Boston. She tweets very informally @saritha_kr.

    Jkarp web

    Jonathan Karp lives in St. Louis, where he studies modern segregation and the ways in which the city's cleared histories keep coming back. He plays violin, too, and is interested in performance and protest.


    Elena Kate is a sex educator and writer in Portland, OR. She stumbled into the world of sex education after deciding that she didn't really want to be an opera singer. Elena's writing can be found on her blog radsexpdx.com, where her mission is to spread radical, accessible sex education to everyone.

    Devin kelly

    Devin Kelly earned his MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and co-hosts the Dead Rabbits Reading Series in New York City. He is the author of the collaborative chapbook with Melissa Smyth, This Cup of Absence (Anchor & Plume) and the books, Blood on Blood (Unknown Press), and In This Quiet Church of Night, I Say Amen (forthcoming 2017, CCM Press). He works as a college advisor in Queens, teaches at the City College of New York, and lives in Harlem.


    Tavi Killdeer is a bag of salt housed in a semi-permeable membrane, living most of the time on occupied Nisqually and Squaxin Island Territory. They are trying to learn how to do a lot of hard things at once. They took their first selfie in 2016 and have come a long way since.

    Jordan web

    Jordan Larson is a writer in New York.


    Cassandra Leveille has room in her life for cats and not much else. She lives in Manhattan.

    Bl author pic

    Beatrice Loayza is a writer and translator living in Washington, D.C. She is an unconventional Capricorn, but a Capricorn nonetheless.

    Rona lorimer

    Rona Lorimer On state-imposed house confinement in Marseille, France. If you would like to contribute to and read dreams under confinement, please write to eyeliverkidney@protonmail.com

    Matt lucas

    Matt Lucas lives in Oakland, California where he spends his time reading, writing and fighting. He is a Muay Thai boxer and an anarchist who enjoys the finer things in life.


    Kylee V. Luce is a writer lying on the floor in Los Angeles. She once saw Justin Bieber driving but has yet to lay eyes on Mr. Labeouf.


    Bobby T Luck is a trans art tart from Philadelphia who wears loud colors and lives a quiet life. He enjoys hosting outdoor double features in parking lots, cancelling plans, and deep stretching. Find him on Instagram.


    Aimée Lutkin is a freelance writer who has written for Jezebel, The New York Daily News, Someecards, and her own blog about dating after 3 years of celibacy, 2 Dates A Week.

    Sofia luu

    Sofia Luu is currently existing, writing, and having a decent time in Toronto. She’s perpetually tired, stuck in tabs hell and would prefer a Mangorita over everything else if you had to ask.

    Macneill kate

    Kate E. MacNeill is a thinker, writer, and performer based in Toronto, ON. She identifies as a mad vegan queer poly anarcho-femme survivor witch. Find more of her work at kateemacneill.com.


    Marisa Maffeo-Robinson works like all the time running the front of the house, taking smutty art pictures of babes eating junk food, and making sure her friends are fucking with the right shit.


    Hira Mahmood would like to exist only on the Internet, but for now is pursuing a PhD in Northern California. She is a writer, curator, Gemini sun and Pisces moon, and she runs a DIY tape label called Ecology Records. She loves feminist queer theory and ramen. Her IG is @sye.da.


    Geoff Mak is the author of the novel Lords, forthcoming in 2018.


    Tait Mandler sucks at gender, but seems to be adequate at academia. They study urban space and are convinced that their depression comes from being unable to grow long nails.


    Niko Maragos is a freelance writer from Pittsburgh by way of Florida. He is steely and sunny in equal measure, and is now based in NYC.

    Mate rsz 2

    Randy Marcott is an educator who currently lives in Buenos Aires. He gave up on America and its horrific excuse of a health care system in 2010 and has traveled the globe teaching ever since. When not teaching you will find him writing, reading or cooking. This, of course, is when he is not helping cats plan a global takeover (hint: 2016).


    Laura Marie Marciano is the founder of gemstone readings and the author of Mall Brat (civil coping mechanisms press 2016). She lives in Brooklyn, Providence, and your heart.


    Haley Markbreiter likes plants, non-institutional learning, and hanging out with friends.


    Jade Marks is a conspirator, urban farmer, and artist. She believes you should be able to sleep all day if you want to. Follow her on Instagram.


    Em Marshall is a self-conscious compound of matter and form and an editor here at Mask. Check out their latest project: Deep May.


    Hana Masri is a graduate student living in Wisconsin, where she eats way too many cheese curds. Her primary interests are snacks, material culture, migration, and trash.


    Joseph Mayer has studied fashion and creative writing and is currently living in New York City. He has a tumblr and a portfolio.

    Georgia 2

    Georgia McCandlish is a disgruntled gay leo, printmaker, and illustrator in Baltimore, Maryland. They are 1/2 of the artist collaborative bffLocusts, and can be found in cyberspace at georgiamccandlish.com or on Instagram @ghostnests.


    Ronika McClain is from Oakland, California. She lives in Brooklyn. She makes work about intimacy, body and "the queer gaze". She loves trash tv and low art. One day she will have a vegetable garden. Follow her on Instagram @shelives_


    Kara McGinley is a writer from Pennsylvania and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

    Momtazamehri web

    Momtaza Mehri is a poet, essayist, literary studies researcher and, above all, a meme archivist. Her chapbook sugah lump prayer was published as part of the New Generation African Poets series. She tries her best not to believe in astrology or borders.

    Melissa mesku

    Melissa Mesku lives in New York. She is a web developer, entrepreneur, and the founding editor of New Worker Magazine. Find out more on her website.

    Chrism web

    Chris Metzger is a double scorpio who loves posting up in a flower patch. He moved to Brooklyn after studying in the Pacific Northwest, and is an editor at Mask.


    Sofie Mikhaylova is a freelance writer based in Toronto. She is a queer femme and an angry feminist. If you want to Neofriend her, you have to ask nicely.

    10689539 10153057269571726 6457873382309504728 n

    Muna Mire is a contributing editor at Mask Magazine and a Black girl from the future. An organizer and journalist, she was recently an editorial intern at The Nation and is an editor at Youngist. Find her freelance work at Mic, Ebony, Al Jazeera and VICE.

    Mof web

    Lindsey Moffett (Mof) lives in Portland, OR, where she plays in the punk trio Mr. Wrong and occasionally documents the shows they play. Sometimes she makes artwork which you can find on her instagram @sunpissed, but most of the time she’s just walking around the city with a tape player and too much free time.

    Phoebe mogharei

    Phoebe Mogharei Phoebe Mogharei is a freelance writer and editor living in Chicago. www.phoebemogharei.com


    Jack Moore is a freelance writer based in Minneapolis with a focus on the intersection of sports and culture. He remains obsessed with all kinds of games and the myths that surround them.

    Aa rail hobo

    Anjum Mubarak Asharia is an editor at Mask Magazine. She is a media maker, educator, and etc. from Houston, TX. She co-produces superhero-themed projects, radionovelas, living legends, and other things with the team at studiorev.org.


    Charlie Muller researches and writes about about things like internet politics, online harassment, and community-run networks.


    K. N. is a Vitalist and a body that is occasionally home to the imagination.


    Kimberly Nalen is a dreamer living just outside of Boston. When she is not plotting to start her own animal sanctuary, she enjoys boat rides, Mexican food and poetry. She also blogs.


    Eva Marie Nelson is a multimedia artist and designer with a current focus on wearable art. She is a self taught seamstress and works out of her living room at the Cherubs' Den in Atlanta, GA.


    Elizabeth Newton is a writer, student, and teacher in New York City. She enjoys music, reading, and being outside. Read more of her work at musicalwork.info.


    Aden Ng is the indie author of The Chronicles of #Tearha series that tries too hard. He is also crazy and often blogs about how crazy he is. Feel free to send him hate mails but do include pizzas since they are awesome.


    Luis Nieto Dickens is an artist and photographer living and working in New York City. He grew up in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, located in the Mexico-U.S.A. border and next to El Paso, TX.


    Stefan Norman is a sometimes-graduate-student in philosophy from Minnesota. He currently lives in Mexico City, where he writes, and edits translations when he is not eating tortas.


    Nia Nottage is a performance artist interested in “unsolved mysteries.”


    Rianna Jade Parker is a reader before anything else and a writer who writes for other readers. Her curatorial, artistic and social practices are as informed by Stuart Hall, bell hooks, James Baldwin as they are by Biggie and Lil Kim.


    Rianna Jade Parker is a reader before anything else and a writer who writes for other readers. Her curatorial, artistic and social practices are as informed by Stuart Hall, bell hooks, James Baldwin as they are by Biggie and Lil Kim.

    Mcbean web

    McBean Parkway is a compassionate water-drinker, communicating to the youth via Co–Star Astrology.

    Jamespayne web

    James Payne is a journalist and copyeditor in New York City. He taught in the History of Art and Visual Culture department at the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio. He has studied at the Ohio State University, Indiana University, the Freie Universität Berlin, and the Rare Book School at the University of Virginia. Payne's poetry collection Things Just Aren't They was published by Monster House Press in 2015. www.jamespayne.info


    Lee Pepper cares a lot about zines, public history, housing politics, and trans survival. They like to write about (and practice) friendship, care, and mutual aid.

    Screen shot 2016 08 12 at 6.25.41 pm

    Bianca Perez is the publishing assistant for Mask Magazine. Yung nihilist virgin who can't drive.


    Larissa Pham is an artist and writer in Brooklyn. She writes a newsletter, Cum Shots, for Nerve, and also writes about sex, race, intimacy, art, and visual culture at a number of publications, including Adult, The Hairpin, The Rumpus, Guernica, and Broadly. She is a grad school dropout. She is a Sagittarius.


    G.S. Phillips is a writer from Montana. Her work appears in Vice Motherboard, AQNB, Pidgin Magazine and elsewhere. She did an MA in the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, London.

    Kailaphilo web

    Kaila Philo is an English and Philosophy student in Baltimore, MD. In her spare time she likes to write things that she probably won’t finish and sneak food into movie theaters.


    Stephen Piccarella lives in Philadelphia. He’s a graduate of Bennington College. He contributes regularly at Electric Literature’s The Outlet and at APIARY Magazine online.


    Jonathan Pitts is a liberal arts student in the depths of Tennessee. He is the logical conclusion to post-internet technodepressioncore. He likes Dr Katz, Keiji Haino, and Don Delillo. He won second place in an 8th grade writing contest for a paper entitled “Freedom Isn’t Free.”

    Alesia web

    Alesia Pullins lives in the desert and is obsessed with moisturizing, exfoliation, and sometimes rappers.


    Alesia Pullins lives in the desert and is obsessed with moisturizing, exfoliation, and sometimes rappers.


    Sheba Queen is a human rights advocate and environmentalist. She splits her time between researching solutions to world problems and shouting them from the rooftops.


    Alex MF Quicho is an artist and writer from Manila, Vancouver, Boston, and Montreal.


    Rachel Rabbit White is a writer based in New York City. White is the author of Porn Carnival (Wonder, 2019) and Poetry is So Lesbian (Wonder, 2019). Her work has been featured in The Believer, Brooklyn Rail, BOMB, Vogue, The Poetry Project, and The Rumpus. She is the host of Ceremony, a monthly poetry reading series in Manhattan, and a columnist at VICE/Garage.

    12063792 1644972155783777 6479645331729229020 n 1

    Raven Rakia is a freelance journalist and writer who covers prisons.

    Unnamed 2

    Conor Tomás Reed is an activist, archivist, student, and teacher at the City University of New York, and lives in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Conor is a co-founding member of the Free University of New York City, and in the research collective of Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative.

    Tiana reid

    Tiana Reid is a writer, senior editor of The New Inquiry, and PhD candidate in English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. Her work has been published in many places, including American Quarterly, Bitch, Maisonneuve Magazine, The Toast, and VICE. She also does editorial work at two journals, Small Axe and Women and Performance.

    Screen shot 2016 05 31 at 4.06.10 pm

    Tyler Reinhard is a social technology critic, developer, designer of the acclaimed privacy app Signal, and the co-founder and designer of Mask Magazine.

    Kasai rex

    Kasai Rex is a writer living in his hometown of Baltimore. Analyzing race, gender, and class in America and abroad, his essays and reviews have appeared on Good, Abernathy Magazine, Salon, Vice, and Blavity. You can follow him on twitter @KasaiREX.


    Ryan Richardson studied at The New School and lives in Ridgewood, Queens. His essays on politics and culture have appeared in Guernica, The Brooklyn Rail, and elsewhere.


    Mariana Roa lives in Mexico City, where she teaches languages, tries to get theatre and music gigs, and feeds on street food and free snacks. She likes to write, translate, and organize for the revolution.

    Silence merry roads

    Silence Merry Roads is a poet and witch living in Olympia, WA. They read tarot, sing to the trees and write about the moon on Instagram @silencemerryroads.

    Img 4560

    Randon Rosenbohm is an artist from New Orleans living in New York. They currently write and edit articles for Mask Magazine.

    Rachel rostad

    Rachel Rostad is a writer and public speaker. She’s The recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize, and her work has been covered by Upworthy, Mic.com, and Jezebel. She cries a lot. Connect with her on Facebook and Tumblr.

    Nat rudy

    Nat Rudarakanchana is a metals reporter based in New York, via +852 and the ancient Kingdom of Lanna. Interests include steel, monks in forests, and all the dialogues of Plato.

    Johnrufo web

    John Rufo has work published or forthcoming on Poets.org, Ploughshares, The Offing, The Capilano Review, Tagvverk, Entropy, The Journal Petra, NOO, and Dreginald. Links and contact at johnspringrufo.tumblr.com.


    Sarah Rupp is a communist and a poet who currently lives in Richmond, Virginia.

    Chrissand web

    Chris Sand has released over a dozen CDs over the last twenty years and has toured the USA multiple times. He currently lives in Missoula, MT, where he raises a 5-year-old daughter and almost earns a living as a janitor at The Roxy Theater.


    Cynthia Ann Schemmer is a writer and musician living in Philadelphia, PA. She works as the managing editor of She Shreds Magazine and plays in the bands Radiator Hospital and Swanning. She is a true bull Taurus and her cat is her creative mews. She tweets at @cynthiaschemmer and updates her website irregularly.

    Beccaschuh web

    Becca Schuh is a writer living in Brooklyn. Her criticism and interviews have been published in Bookforum, Electric Literature, 3:AM Magazine, The Fanzine, and the Village Voice. She is working on novel contrasting the social dynamics of alternative college students and journalists in New York. Becca is the Editorial Director of the Triangle House Review.


    Erin Schwartz was born in New Jersey and is currently based in New York City. She writes about art, climate change and infrastructure.

    David k seitz

    David K. Seitz is a writer, cultural geographer and queerdo currently living on Toronto. He is curious about the potential and limits of religious spaces in nurturing alternative forms of social justice and citizenship.

    Dianna 3 cover

    Dianna Settles Dianna Settles is a printmaker, a musician, and amateur tattooer in Atlanta, Georgia. She currently runs the Hi-Lo Press in Midtown, where she runs a small print-making operation.


    Randii Setzer currently lives in Atlanta, GA and considers himself to be part of the problem, not the solution. Randii’s basic interests include late nights, sparkling water, reading in the park, feelings and aesthetics.

    Princeshakur web

    Prince Shakur is a freelance writer, activist, and filmmaker that tackles police brutality, prison systems, and how America’s political landscape affects marginalized communities with Teen Vogue, INTO, and other publications. He has a Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing from Ohio University and is the 2017 recipient of GLAAD’s Rising Stars Digital Innovator Award.


    Yena Sharma Purmasir is a writer from New York City. Her first book of poetry, Until I Learned What It Meant, was published by Where Are You Press in 2013. She is fiercely protective of her family, friends, and the early seasons of Pretty Little Liars.


    Susannah Sharpless was born in Indianapolis and currently lives in Minneapolis, which happen to rhyme. She also writes poems, which rarely do.

    Bylinepic (1)

    Victoria Shelton is a writer living in Philadelphia. She graduated in 2015 from Temple University with a B.A. in English. She can be found on Tumblr (avanelle.tumblr.com) where she writes incessantly on cats, Caligula, and why she hopes to run into Camille Paglia in Center City one day.

    Author's pic

    Keely Shinners Keely Shinners is currently working on their Master’s degree at the University of Cape Town, writing a magical realist dystopian road trip novel. They have written about many things, including but not limited to: ghost boyfriends, queer litugies, being looked at, green rooms, and indictments of white innocence.


    Justin Shock has two closets, a dresser, and a shelving unit yet there’s still a pile of clothing on his Brooklyn floor. He started isthisusyet.com with his best friend to document the style habits of those guys living large – or at least larger than a 30-inch waist.

    Nik headshot

    Nikolais Shumer-Decker grew up in upstate New York. He graduated from Hampshire College in the spring of 2013 and has since been living and working in Philadelphia. His short stories have been published in the Quick Brown Fox and The Reader.


    John Shutt is the co-founder of BayLeaks, which provides a secure, anonymous submission system for journalists and sources in the San Francisco Bay Area.


    Easton Smith lives in Salt Lake City, land stolen from the Shoshone, Paiute, Goshute and Northern Ute people. He likes to camp, try to play the banjo, sing with his friends, talk about his feelings, and run up big hills. Sometimes Easton organizes with Wasatch Rising Tide and SURJ SLC. Sometimes he labors for wages by writing things.


    Lena Solow is an Aries who’s good in a crisis. Her day job is at a union, her night job is writing sex advice.

    Screen shot 2017 04 13 at 11.17.59 pm

    Ripley Soprano is a co-owner and co-conspirator of this here magazine.

    Cynthia spencer web

    Cynthia Spencer lives in Olympia, WA and intermittently astro-blogs at fourfootedstargazer.

    Tamryn web

    Tamryn Spruill is a writer living in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in Teen Vogue, Golden State of Mind and other publications. She is founder/editor at Robocup Press and teaches college English, literature and creative writing.

    10340159 516349021821649 3881028931068449400 n

    Mask Staff are everywhere and nowhere.


    Aviva Stahl is a Brooklyn-based journalist who writes about prisons, immigration detention and national security.


    Olivia Starkie is a West Coast girl living the broke eastern life in Brooklyn, New York. When she is not food service hustling, she can be found cooking, writing, making visual art, sitting in sun patches in the park, riding the train for fun, or eating bagels.

    Anthonystepney new

    A. J. Stepney is a Native New Yorker and typical Pisces. When he isn’t writing about the details of his personal life, he routinely chronicles it through self-portraits on Instagram.

    Allison stone

    Allison Stone contains multitudes, but spends most of her time trying to keep it to herself. Everything she doesn't can be read on twitter.


    Bradley Stroot is a freelance writer, DJ, and agoraphobe living in Bloomington, Indiana. You can find them swimming down at the quarries, or online, re-tweeting sketchy shit from other Mask contributors.

    Suoranta headshot

    Esko Suoranta is a Finnish writer with a knack for factoids, pop-culture, politics, and literature. He studies English Philology at the University of Helsinki, and is currently working on his Master’s Thesis on power relations in William Gibson’s late oeuvre. Read his writing at Better than Sliced Bread.


    Lyle M. Suxe lives, hustles, and unworks in New York City. Find her on tumblr.

    Jptamang new

    J.P. Tamang hustled out of Portland, Northampton, and the Twin Cities from 2004 – 2012. He is currently a scholar and HIV activist in Minneapolis, MN.


    M Eighteen Téllez is a cyborg sci-fi writer from the 215. They are a founding member of the corner store sci-fi and action collective, METROPOLARITY.


    Lotta Meri Pirita Tenhunen is still learning to breathe while weaving feminist worldings in the housing struggle, reaching out to others with love and rage.

    Ft1 web

    Fuck Theory is a pseudonym and an alibi that trolls the academic field of critical theory from its margins (that is, from the increasingly gentrified wilderness of social media). They have been taught on college syllabi, published by Adult Magazine, presented at last year's Theorizing the Web conference, and one time they pissed off some social justice warriors on Tumblr. For someone that doesn't really exist, they sure have a lot of opinions.

    Ft1 web

    Fuck Theory is the scholar and writer behind the mysterious Tumblr of index card philosophy. If their Patreon reaches the next milestone they’ll write a book by next summer.


    Lotta Thießen is a poet and translator living in Berlin. She co-organizes the reading and translation series artiCHOKE, and edits the internationalist feminist poetry publication Vírgulentxs. "fell through a distance in the game" is a poem from Fragments of Baby, forthcoming in 2019.


    John Thompson lives in Denver, CO with his cat, Piglet. His work has appeared in The Hairpin and The Toast.

    Katie 2

    Katie Thornton is Minneapolis resident who enjoys rock and roll, taking walks without dogs, and risking staph infections by swimming in the Mississippi. She enjoys planning weird events, dancing to hot jams, and daydreaming about the Bed and Breakfast she will own in the future.

    Fran web

    Fran Tirado is the editor of Hello Mr., a co-host of the Food 4 Thot podcast, homojournalist, and aspiring Carmen San Diego.

    Cassandra troyan

    Cassandra Troyan is a writer and researcher whose work explores the intersections of gendered violence, radical histories of resistance, sex work, and capital. They are the author of several books and chapbooks of poetry, most recently KILL MANUAL (Artifice Books, 2014) and A Theory in Tears (Kenning Editions, 2016), and have presented, performed, or screened their work widely. They live in southern Sweden and teach creative/critical writing practices in the Department of Design at Linnaeus University.

    Ben web

    Ben Turk is a radical theatre artist and ardent prison abolitionist. He has toured the country with Insurgent Theatre organized with the survivors of the Lucasville Uprising and other prison rebels across the US. He built and helps maintain SupportPrisonerResistance.net. He is currently an Inreach Co-Chair of the Steering Committee of IWOC: the Industrial Workers of the World's Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee.


    Emily Turner is a kindergarten teacher who spends her after-school hours teaching children how to fight and medical students how to give pelvic exams. In her free time she enjoys eating barbecue by the river and cross-stitching alone with her cat.

    Tveten web

    Julianne Tveten writes about the technology industry's relationship with socioeconomics and culture. Her work has appeared in The Baffler, Current Affairs, In These Times, Hazlitt, Truthout, and elsewhere.


    Monica Uszerowicz is a writer and photographer in Miami. Her writing has appeared in Hyperallergic, The Creators Project, Avidly, and elsewhere. She is the Film & Performing Arts editor for the Miami Rail.

    393404 10150481056100292 1739017752 n (1)

    Turid Vallgårda is on a delayed journey towards becoming a lawyer. She lives in Sweden again, after a couple of years in Argentina and Colombia. Dancing and reading novels makes her happy.


    Madison Van Oort splits her time between New York City and Minneapolis. She has written for Jacobin and the Verso Books blog, as well as the academic journals Ethnography and Signs.


    Jocine Velasco When I was moving to America as a child, my family and I had to strip naked and bend down in front of a state agent at the embassy in the Philippines as part of a standard immigration screening procedure. I moved to the Southeast in 1996 during the summer Olympics. Before that, my family burned our trash down a slope behind our backyard in the Philippines. I write poetry about the totality of the institution and the solace of our armed joy.

    Veroff profile pic

    Rachel Veroff is a writer from New Mexico now living in New York. Her work has appeared in Guernica, The Huffington Post and Vol. 1 Brooklyn. She is working on a novel


    Jenn Vicious is an editor, graphic designer, and anarchist living in Santa Cruz, CA. She is also the author of askjennvicious.com, an advice and social etiquette blog for radical subcultures. You can follow her on twitter and facebook.

    Leah vincent

    Leah Vincent is the author of Cut Me Loose and co-author of Legends of the Talmud. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Salon, The Daily Beast, and The Forward. Vincent has a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard University. She has been named Jewish Week’s 36 Under 36 and the Forward 50.

    Rvc headshot web

    Rachel Vorona Cote is a writer in Washington, D.C. She has written for a variety of publications, including the New Republic, Elle Magazine, Literary Hub, and Rolling Stone. Previously, she was a contributor at Jezebel. Her first book, Too Much Is Just Enough, is forthcoming from Grand Central Publishing.


    Harron Walker is a freelance journalist who lives in Brooklyn. Her work can be found on Vice, Teen Vogue, Fusion, Mic, Lit Hub, and some other places. She actually did just come here to dance.


    Nabel Wallin lives close to the water in the Pacific Northwest. He is interested in poetics and communism.

    La warman

    LA Warman LA Warman is a poet and performer. Warman has had work in shows at MOCA Cleveland, ICA Philadelphia, Time-Based Art Festival, General Public Collective, Flying Object, and Open Engagement. She teaches erotica classes online and in Brooklyn. LAWarman.com

    Maya weeks

    Maya Weeks is an artist and amateur oceanographer from California working on a feminist counterlogistics. Her current project is a book about the myth of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Find her on Tumblr.


    Maya Weeks is a writer and artist from the rural central coast of California working on interactions between humans and environments with a focus on marine debris as capital accumulation, climate change, gender, and logistics. They have a website.

    Katherinewhite web

    Katherine White is a writer and sociologist who has addresses topics including graffiti, skateboarding, segregation, and gentrification. She is currently planning a monograph on skateboarding in the Bronx and an ethnographic study on racial segregation in Northern New Jersey.

    S.whittemore pic web

    Sophie Whittemore is from Atlanta, Ga where she currently lives. She spends her time collaborating with Jocine Velasco or writing alone. She is nobody's mother.

    Screen shot 2016 07 07 at 10.27.24 am

    Kai Williams is an intersectional feminist monster who takes her unsolicited-opinion-sharing duties extremely seriously. Her work has been previously featured in The National Young Arts Foundation 2015 Writers Anthology, The Amerasian Journal, and VerbalEyze Press’ Young Writers’ Anthology: Pushing Past Limits.


    Vanessa Willoughby is a writer and editor living in the suburban doldrums of Connecticut and often daydreams of her eventual escape. She is a Prose Editor for the literary journal Winter Tangerine Review.

    Mae winters

    Mae Winters is an eclectic expressionist and a psyche artist. She is fueled by a passion for emotionality and enjoys sifting through small details from the present – a spoken word, a glance, an expression – to understand and make sense of the past. To access her psyche art, check out her advice blog.

    Alex wolfe avi

    Alex Wolfe (noun): one of those young, cute, NYC things with a large mouth, and he's learning how to use it. Synonyms: Leo, Slytherin, homo, sex worker, activist, writer, occasional tweeter.

    Screen shot 2015 11 08 at 7.52.50 pm

    Simone Wolff is a writer born and bred in NYC. They design and edit books for Glad Fact and Coconut, and have poems, reviews, and essays published or forthcoming in Girls Get Busy, Bone Bouquet, and Bookslut, among other places. Find them on Twitter and Tumblr.


    Stela Xhiku is a writer and Creative Director living in New York City. Her website, The Fly by Night, celebrates good taste, low brow, and artsy farts.

    Screen shot 2015 12 02 at 12.38.36 pm

    @le yla is a hysterical linguist from Queens, NY. She won a spelling bee in 1996 and has been resting on her laurels ever since.

    Natasha young mask avatar web

    Natasha Young is a writer in Los Angeles.

    Anya z

    Anya Zaporozhchenko is a writer based in Toronto, Ontario. She is a Moscow native and her work centers around the issues of immigration and queer rights. She is also an editor at the UC Gargoyle at University of Toronto.


    Drew Zeiba lives in New York and mostly writes about performance, media, and this one time gay porn. They are very sensitive.

    12301582 10153319729638036 5806870195679814404 n

    Amy Zimmer is a writer and comedian. Her work has been featured at places like MoMa PS1 and The New Yorker. She performs at and hosts art and comedy shows all over the city. She is mineralized and water soluble. Her tweets are on file.

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