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    Hanna Hurr

    Hanna Hurr is a co-founding editor of Mask Magazine.

    Hi-Lo Press

    Interview with Dianna of the Hi-Lo Press: print studio, art gallery, micro-cinema, dance hall.

    Silvia Federici

    We sat down with the mother of materialist feminism and author of Caliban and the Witch, Silvia Federici, to discuss how the legacy of Wages for Housework continues to be relevant to this day.

    Surprise Us

    Mask turns five years old this month, so we decided to bring back some of our greatest hits, and make the entire archive free to read.

    Recommendations from the Editors

    Recommendations from the Editors What we’ve been reading and watching lately.

    The Downward Spiral

    You can feel the seams ripping everywhere, in conversations at the bar, in the painful silence between text messages, the voices in your head overpowering your own

    Too Hype Too Early

    DJ Sissy Elliott left his chef’s job in New Orleans to travel the country as Mykki Blanco’s tour DJ. Now he’s putting down roots and cooking up sounds in Brooklyn, New York.

    Being the subMedia

    We interviewed Frank Lopez, who has been making explosive anarchist videos for over a decade.

    Rage to Bitchcraft’s “Tensions” Mix

    DJ Bitchcraft’s “Tensions” Mix puts a a swarm of obstinate DJs and producers in conversation – the perfect soundtrack for a boiling summer

    Family on Our Own Terms

    What is it like to be part of an alternative family? Three parents share their stories.

    Be Careful

    This is the Material Issue, in which we contemplate the correlation between deep trust, strong communities, and the impact of transgressive acts like breaking windows during a riot.

    Watch: “Jones” by Goon Soul

    Watch: “Jones” by Goon Soul about a night with a lover in the underbelly of Montreal’s club scene.

    Watch: “Hollywood Babylon” by XUXA SANTAMARIA

    Watch: “Hollywood Babylon” by XUXA SANTAMARIA Plus: Sofía Córdova on creative labor as a means of survival.

    That Time Young Thug Flaked on Himself

    Young Thug Flaked When things don’t go as planned you have be creative.


    #DisruptJ20 People are gathering in DC to disrupt the inauguration of Donald Trump.

    Watch: FKA Twigs Baltimore Dance Project

    Watch: Baltimore Dance Project FKA Twigs invited four hundred Baltimore dancers to join her for a dance workshop.

    Venus in Leo Offers Affordable Non-Toxic Body Care

    Founder Bimbola Akinbola is currently raising money to distribute deodorant and lotion to D.C.'s homeless shelters.

    How to Carve a Turkey

    Best Way to Carve a Turkey Here’s how you can support Standing Rock and the resistance against DAPL.

    Yatta Zoker

    Yatta talks about making her debut EP, the psychological warfare of black creativity, and why the internet is not your bedroom.

    Listen to YATTA’s Debut EP Spirit Said Yes!

    Spirit Said Yes! YATTA’s unleashes ghosts and cyborg fantasies on her debut EP.

    This Is Make-Believe

    When the whole world is make-believe, our awareness of death and the impossibility of a life worth living can be a villain’s superpower.

    Homelessness Is an Issue of Distribution, Not Scarcity

    World Homeless Day There are millions of homeless people in the US and many, many more empty houses.

    Must Have Slipped My Mind

    This is the Amnesia Issue, in which we forget there’s an upcoming presidential election and imagine that the government is just a bunch of mind-controlling aliens.

    Silvia Federici

    We sat down with the mother of materialist feminism and author of Caliban and the Witch, Silvia Federici, to discuss how the legacy of Wages for Housework continues to be relevant to this day.

    To Those Who Possess Something Extra

    This is The Mommy Issue, in which we curl into fetal position and feel some type of way about the mothers in our lives.

    “2016 Sucks So Far”

    This is The Not Again Issue, in which we dig up our winter gloves, scuffle through the snow, and silently scream at our wrinkles in the mirror. Reach out with your feelings.

    Monica Mirabile

    Monica Mirabile, one of the artist and performer behind FlucT and many of the queer/feminist projects of Bushwick, shares the secrets behind her practice: Gaping, Gushing, and Glitching.

    Sarah Nicole Prickett

    The writer, editor, and co-founder of erotic journal Adult Magazine let’s us in on her skin care secrets and why she’s deleting her tweets.

    Kukka Ranta

    We interviewed the passionate photographer and journalist who travels the world to document how globalized trade impacts local communities, and the social movements that arise in response.

    Hopelessness in a Lovely Place

    This month, we think about Asylum, exploring stories of the different reasons people look for sanctuary and navigate the fact those places aren’t necessarily safe.

    Commie Bullshit

    Check out this collaboration with Third Looks and NYC photographer Luis Nieto Dickens for the first Mask Magazine fashion editorial.

    Ingrid Burrington

    Ingrid Burrington studies the sorcery of networked infrastructure like submarine cables, data centers, and antennas that make up our fantasy of the virtual “cloud”. We sat down with the Brooklyn-based artist, writer, and technology researcher to talk about internet, magic, power, and being comfortable with failure in the often sexist world of technology.

    Try Turning It off and Then on Again

    This month, we turn to the Hacker for inspiration. We’ll reach our hand out of the vortex, hoping they’ll grab it, and forgive us for calling them nerds.

    Listen to Joey LaBeija’s Debut Album Shattered Dreams

    Shattered Dreams Joey LaBeija’s debut album is a glorious mix of merciless, melancholic contemplation and energetic peaks that melt you from within.

    Junglepussy Drops Music Video for “Now or Later”

    Junglepussy chops kale and egos in music video for “Now or Later” off her forthcoming album Pregnant with Success.

    Kitty Announces Her “First Real Album” Is Coming

    Kitty Our favorite young-woman-ennui rapper is releasing her first real album via Kickstarter.

    Post-Ferguson Mixtape by Antagonisms

    Post-Ferguson Mixtape by ANTAGONISMS features artists who in the past year released songs about police violence and fighting in the streets.


    Brittnee Moore talks about having kids young, negotiating with exes, holding down the home, and her breakout rap career.

    BBYMUTHA Releases Music Video for “Indian Hair”

    Indian Hair BBYMUTHA raps about purp, weave, baby daddies, and bank in her new music video.

    EKIM Premieres Music Video for “Muslim Bitch”

    Muslim Bitch Watch the new music video from Istanbul-born and New York-bred cloud rapper EKIM.

    Katie & CeCe

    In 2012, CeCe McDonald was charged with murder after defending herself against a racist and transphobic attacker. A year after her release, CeCe and support committee member and friend Katie Burgess reflect on lessons learned.

    Skipping Town Again

    July is for summer flings, road trips, and letting go.

    Christine Corbett Moran

    Meet Christine Corbett Moran, a hacker, explorer, scientist, and former roller-derby player who will probably go to space one day.

    Robyn Debuts “Love Is Free” Featuring Maluca

    Love Is Free Robyn releases an ecstatic club track featuring Maluca.

    Chicago Zoo Employee Fired for Calling White Customers “Rude”

    Calling white people rude got her fired Jesus Christ, you can’t bring these whiny white people anywhere.

    June To-Do List

    June To-Do List. Kick off the summer the right way with these events and activities.

    Enter the World of Mojuicy

    Enter the world of Mojuicy, the Queens-based artist who’s visually archiving QTPOC culture.

    We’re Going Mental

    Let’s move past the sad girl trope. Let’s become less averse to discomfort. Let’s become more resilient.

    Get into Tarot with the Slow Holler Tarot Deck

    Slow Holler A group of Southerners, queers, and artists are making a completely new tarot deck together.

    What I Learned Tracking My Sleep For a Week

    What I Learned Tracking My Sleep For a Week Maybe we’re grumpy depressed because we're exhausted.

    New Music Video for Junglepussy’s “Me”

    Junglepussy hexes the Earth like an oracle in new music video “Me”.

    Watch The Live Report on the Rolling Stone UVA Gang Rape Article

    Watch the Columbia Report on Rolling Stone’s Gang Rape Article The magazine officially retracts its feature on a University of Virginia gang rape.

    Abdu Ali

    We sat down with queer rapper Abdu Ali to talk about his unique sound, the Keep Moving tour, and upcoming album Octarine.

    How We Get By

    This month, we explore the strange ways we pay our bills and get by in this dumb, dumb world, and some remarkable stories of scamming.

    This Week in #ACAB: Fire to the Prisons

    This Week in #ACAB: Prisons Riots, Fire to the Prisons, Chicago Police Blacksite, and R.I.P. Trayvon Martin.

    You Have to Listen to Bbymutha

    You Gotta Listen to Bbymutha – the best of New York queer rap meets female-fronted Southern rap a la Amber London.

    Culture Roundup: Cool Art of Failure

    Queer art of failing at this culture roundup. This week, we bring you happenings in youth internet culture that we’re filing under earnest and pessimistic.

    This Week in #ACAB

    This Week in #ACAB. The police have already killed 127 people in 2015, what’s new?

    The February To-Do List

    The February To-Do List – New York Fashion Week, Valentine’s Day parties, and what to watch and listen to.

    Isabelle Nastasia

    Five Questions for Assistant Editor Isabelle Nastasia. Izzy on internet trends, Daniel Desario, and how to deal with infinite winter sadness.

    The Coven Magazine, Issue 3 Is Out

    Witches of Bushwick do it again: The Coven Magazine, Issue 3 is out.

    Making Better Decisions in 2K15

    When it comes to self-improvement, there’s no stopping point. And this is why we should be really selective about the goals we set for ourselves. Let’s not live our lives in constant fear of bodily deterioration.

    Vikki Law

    Victoria Law, who goes by Vikki, is an anarchist, a prison abolitionist, a freelance writer, author, editor, and a mother. I met Vikki at the social center and former squat ABC No Rio on New York City’s Lower East Side in early December, the day after the non-indictment of Daniel Pantaleo.

    The December To-Do List

    The December To-Do List – What we are watching, reading, doing, and hearing this month.

    Passing through Worlds beside Worlds

    A police-free zone is not a “new world”, it is merely the collision of many. Many worlds smaller than that of police order and governance individually, but that perhaps together are capable of defending themselves. Of surviving a collision.

    Everything You Need to Know about the Response to the Ferguson Decision

    Gearing up for the Ferguson decision. While waiting for the verdict on Darren Wilson, here are some links, resources, and hashtags to keep up with.

    Jackie Wang

    Jackie Wang is a writer, poet, musician, and academic whose writing has been published by Lies Journal, Semiotext(e), HTML Giant, BOMBlog, along with numerous zines. Her essay “Against Innocence” provides insightful analysis on penal and race theory. Her blog, Ballerinas Dance with Machine Guns, reads like a journal that explores writing as process. She’s currently writing a book for Semiotext(e).

    Love for All the Dead

    Throughout the middle ages, heretic movements and sects spread and spurred uprisings, prompting the barbarous reaction of the Holy Inquisition. “Popular heresy was less a deviation from the orthodox doctrine than a protest movement, aspiring to a radical democratization of social life.”


    In its twenty years of activity, CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective has distributed hundreds of thousands of books, posters, magazines, and stickers to countless people on all continents including Antarctica. Earlier this month, CrimethInc. launched its first Kickstarter campaign – to produce a new booklet introducing radical ideas to a broader audience in the new context of global revolt and uprisings.

    What it Takes to Change

    This is The Contextual Issue, in which we focus on books and literature and people who do interesting things in the world of texts, theory, writing, and reading.

    Sadaf H Nava

    “To me, performance is about working through something. It's very psychological in that way. Especially when you improvise and don't know what's going to come out it. It comes out in the performance and then you deal with it. The act refines as I perform something again and again, and over time it becomes clearer to me. It's very personal. When I get on stage, I obviously have a relationship with the audience ... but I'm also going through this personal process of working through something.”

    Void Main

    “Void Main derives from the feeling of being trapped in a cultural void. So much cultural information is being processed that it starts to feel overwhelming or even meaningless. We dive infinitely deep into this abstraction called culture to attempt to formulate an identity, but culture is just that: an abstraction – given meaning by the fact that it is shared. I suppose I'm trying to capture that moment when cultural beings realize just how abstract their situation is, how reliant on a knowledge of reference.”

    Juliana Huxtable

    Juliana Huxtable sat down with us to discuss her path to New York, her fascination with reimagining past and future, and making her own place in a world impatiently boxing queer people of color up into ‘personalities’.


    Created by David Siferd in 2013, Goddess is a streetwear label set out to break boundaries of self-expression and identification through clothing. Earlier this year, we featured GODDESS in our coverage of the pop up shop Phresh Produce. This month, GODDESS revealed the Spring/Summer 2015 collection ANGYLS. We contacted designer David Siferd to ask him about the inspiration behind this collection, the story of the brand, and designing for strong personalities.

    How to Make Better Decisions When Ordering at the Restaurant

    How to Make Better Decisions When Ordering at the Restaurant. To help you stop ordering salads at the diner, here are a few simple guidelines to follow when ordering at a restaurant.

    The Thread

    One caveat to living in a metropolis like New York City is that it can be hard to stay connected with a group of friends. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. I interviewed a group of people who have figured out how to keep hanging out even when they’re apart. The Thread is an ongoing email conversation with 24 people, or as they call it, “a long joke”.

    Madeleine Holden

    The inspiration and story behind the Tumblr, how to take a decent dick pic, and why we need new voices in the critique of erotic material.

    Things to Do before the End of the Summer

    Things to Do before the End of the Summer. Make the last few weeks count.

    What Our August Contributors Are Eating, Reading, and Obsessing About

    Some of our August contributors. We asked some of our August contributors what they are reading, eating, and obsessing about right now.

    What Keeps Us Alive

    In this issue, we take a look at the complexities of substance use. People talk a lot about how cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and consumption habits kill us. What we talk about less is how these substances help us stay alive — even when they're toxic.

    Thank You Autocorrect, Zombie Houses, and the Cartography of Violence

    Good evening, hope everyone had a chill weekend.

    Steve Klabnik

    Steve Klabnik is one of the world's leading Rails programmers, but what makes him a rare breed is his interest in post-structuralist philosophy and theory-infused programming. Is it possible to transform capitalism by manipulating the code servicing it? Steve Klabnik seems to think so.

    Robot Learning to Hobble, Satellite Full of Geckos Gone Missing, and the Government's Terrorism Rulebook

    “Orange Is the New Black” made orange so cool that at least one sheriff has decided to bring the old striped jumpsuits back.

    Sam Rolfes

    “I've never really thought of myself as a digital artist, even though that’s always been the backbone of my practice. We’re getting to the point that saying ‘digital artist’ is a bit redundant, I think.”

    Kim Kardashian's Game Crashes, Queer Nirvana, and the Death of the American Dream

    Everything dies, even The American Dream, the love between Jay Z and Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian's Hollywood.

    DNA Dating, American Homelessness, and Silicon Valley's Political Agenda

    The last couple of days in review.

    Today in ACAB, American Pit Bulls, and 19-Year-Old Kanye Freestyling.

    It's Friday, why are the news so depressing? Read only what you can handle!

    A "Buy" Button, Diplo's Dick Picks, and How to Piss off Brooklyn Girls

    The craziest thing that happened today was probably the Malaysian Airline Boeing 777 which was shot down and crashed in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border, killing all 295 passengers.

    Foreskin Cosmetics, Ultraviolence, and a Manic Pixie Nightmare

    Less news and more long-reads in my browser today.

    Dubai’s “Mall of the World” Will Be the First Climate-Controlled City

    The world’s first temperature-controlled city is being constructed in Dubai. The project is really a gigantic mall, and has aptly been named the Mall of the World. For the first time ever, here’s a city where the residents can avoid natural weather conditions entirely. Another thing residents will probably be able to avoid is people who can’t afford to live there.

    First Alain Badiou Documentary to Be Shot Next Week

    Alain Badiou Documentary in the Works will feature Badiou lecturing, talking about his life, and interviews.

    New Music Video from Allie X

    New music video by Allie X — BITCH brings us back to the witch house craze of 2012.

    Another Useless App to Undermine Your Faith in Humanity

    Emojli — the first emoji-only network will launch later this summer and you can now reserve your username.

    Let Them Eat Data

    A letter from the editors contextualizing the July issue: what does it mean to be a cyborg?

    RIOT, a Radical Queer Pride Fantasy

    An alternative pride party aimed to shake people out of complacency and embrace Pride's riotous roots is happening tonight. We sat down with Paul Leopold and Dream Dommu of The Culture Whore to find out more.

    A Skateboard High School?

    A skateboard high school? Yep, that’s a thing in Malmö, Sweden.

    Drones against Factory Farm Abuse?

    Drones against animal cruelty? Will Potter is running a kickstarter to fund drones for reporting on cruel conditions at factory farms across the country.

    Rich Kid of Instagram Loses $850,000 Worth of Luxury Cars in Repeated Arson Attacks

    Rich kid of Instagram loses $850 000 worth of luxury cars in repeated arson attacks.

    Violent Vickie

    We asked Violent Vickie about her background, influences, and what’s hot in the Bay Area electronic music scene right now.

    Junglepussy Releases Debut Album: Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Junglepussy released her debut album “Satisfaction Guaranteed” this week. This Brooklyn-based style icon is a vixen about to blow up.

    Three Kings

    Thoughtful tattoo advice from Matt Marcus, owner of Three Kings Tattoo Parlor in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

    The World Cup Mega-Disaster Is On

    The World Cup starts today, and with it the culmination of a much longer power battle between Brazilians resisting the World Cup and the authorities working to defend it.

    It's All about Who You Know

    We abandoned the “activist” for a new kind of organizing. One based on friendship, affinity, and common enmity. Friendship, though, is as old as political power itself. In this letter from the editors, our thoughts on why, from now on, all friendship is nepotism.

    Debt in the Higher Education System Is More Hopeless than You Can Even Imagine

    Student debt in this country is so insane that it seems no news can shock us anymore. But this news made me choke on my coffee and pierced my indifference.

    Phresh Produce Highlights New Fashion Trends

    Bushwick's fashion designers on display: nugoth, cyberpunk, anime, industrial techno and PVC are in and they’re doing it.

    A Society in Orbit around Misogyny

    If you haven’t already heard the news about 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, who apparently opened fire throughout suburban Santa Barbara last night, killing 7 and wounding many others, brace yourself for a tragic and unsettling scene.

    New Video from The Knife

    Watch: New Music Video from The Knife features “Without You My Life Would Be Boring”, an ordinary scene from a life in the waiting room.

    Ashes to Ashes

    $500 million in student debt burned to ashes by Chilean artist “Papas Fritas” during student takeover of Universidad del Mar.

    Run Baby, Run

    Beyoncé and Jay Z release fake heist film trailer because they don’t have the guts to really knock one off.

    Cosmos Shows How Rare/Indifferent Life on Earth Can Be

    Watch: PBS’s Cosmos to discover how rare our planet is. Scientists still in the dark about why no one cares about it.

    68 Percent Would Put Themselves at Risk to Recover a Lost Phone

    Survey: Would you throw down for your phone? 68% of participants say yes. What would you do if someone swiped your baby?

    Punk in the East Los Backyard Scene

    Cute punks model for VANS in mini-series on the East Los backyard scene. No “Beyond the Screams,” but it sure beats not doing anything else anyway.

    May Day All around the World

    People are celebrating May Day all around the world. We'll be posting updates about the protests for as long as we're able to stay awake.

    A Manner of Speaking

    Today, few social formations seem as trite as "etiquette". Formerly a bottleneck to the upper socialite, arbitrary rules and mannerisms are like relics from a dying era. “Who cares whether the silverware matches? Or who should be introduced to whom?” We might say, scooping leftover pasta from an old yogurt container directly into our mouths.

    Pre-Mayday Roundup of Anti-Gentrification Actions on the West Coast

    Lawl: the last year of anti-gentrificiation actions on the west coast. Included: flipped smart cars and snatched Google Glass.

    Obscure Vogue Call Track Re-Released by Fade to Mind and Night Slugs

    Restoration: rare 1997 queer vogue track remastered and rereleased.

    Machine Gun Kelly Can We Hang with You?

    Anarchy + Hip-Hop: Will post-political antagonism give hip-hop the push it needs? Check out this new video from Machine Gun Kelly.

    Vice Reporter Simon Ostrovsky Has Been Taken by pro-Russian Militia in Ukraine

    Kidnapped! Simon Ostrovsky, a Vice News reporter was captured by pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. He has since been released.

    An Entire Generation of School Shooters

    Columbine Highschool — 15 years later, Goth makes a comeback.

    Spoek Mathambo Nods at Malmö and Husby Riots

    New Track: Spoek Mathambo remixes young Swedish rappers, nods at Husby and Malmö riots.

    Chromat is Performance Garb for Workaholic Haute Babes

    Chromat’s New Sportsy Clubwear. Like, part dress, part locker room, part swimsuit.

    Black Dave and William Wilson Troll NYC in New Music Video

    Watch: Fuck Everybody, the music video that is part illegal subway party, part riot, part skate video. Hashtag down for ensemble.

    The Next Best Thing

    Do you habitually dismiss every new trend as a fad, seeing it as just another trick of the endlessly shifting market? If you ask us, the critique of new trends for the sake of staying on the anti- side of capitalism is an idealistic trap. Trends come from somewhere, and we partake in them even through our dismissals. In this issue, we shamelessly engage with new trends.

    Watch Kids Burn Stuff in Madrid

    Watch: Kids burn stuff in Madrid. We’d rather be able to afford to eat and sleep in a home; good riot porn is actually a decent consolation prize.

    Sarah Shourd

    Sarah Shourd was held political hostage by the Iranian government 2009-2010 together with her fiancé Shane and friend Josh. Last Tuesday, they published their prison memoir A Sliver of Light. We talked to Sarah about her work on solitary confinement, meeting celebrities and politicians, and keeping it real.

    Yumi Zouma Premieres Two Videos

    Watch: 2 videos from Yumi Zouma that feel surprisingly honest, and leave us expectant for more.

    Blame Us for Trying

    Our aspirations used to run counter to those of the professional world. But now our craziest ideas are sought out by marketing executives. We used to think we could outsmart the system. Now we see that the only way we can stay in control of our ideas is if we let them run their course within it. What to do with our lives once we have lost the hope in creating alternatives, and have ruled out total destruction? Perhaps you try to “make it.”

    Miranda Barbour Admits to Killing 22 Sex Offenders

    Craigslist Killer Confesses to killing at least 22 men she identified as “sex offenders”.

    Harold Hernandez

    We spoke to Harold Hernandez, the founder of the New Orleans-based streetwear brand Kids with Krowns. We asked him about his inspirations, living in NOLA, selling t-shirts on the street, and making his own designs.

    Romance as Political Conspiracy

    Sex Tips! Just watch House of Cards and conspire to step all over everyone else if that’s what it takes.

    Beneath the Runway, the Paving Stones

    Wear: fashion staples for 2014 Basically, black shirts with depressing post-care sort of stuff printed on them.

    Sick Sad World, a Week in Review

    Internet Expedition: GIFY awards. Lierre Keith being transphobic. Net Neutrality losses, and oh so much more.

    Makes No Difference

    What to do with our lives when our fantasies of a better world no longer cut it? A letter from the editors explaining the ideas and inspirations behind Mask Magazine.

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