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    Ripley Soprano

    Ripley Soprano is a co-owner and co-conspirator of this here magazine.

    Each One, Teach One

    What I learned as a truant student agitator about the limits of radical education.

    Heart, Healing, and Acupuncture

    Meet Andy Baker of Yarrow Medicine, the queer acupuncturist and herbalist providing accessible and holistic healing in Brooklyn, New York.

    Cameos: Rio Sofia, Cherry Iocovozzi, Sam Kiyomi

    Cameos Rio Sofia, Cherry Iocovozzi, and Sam Kiyomi on their body care, modus operandi, and what’s cheering them up.

    Be Careful

    This is the Material Issue, in which we contemplate the correlation between deep trust, strong communities, and the impact of transgressive acts like breaking windows during a riot.

    Bjarne Melgaard Designed a Bash Back! Inspired Bomber Jacket

    Check out this Bash Back! inspired bomber I can think of a couple kids who would love to their hands on this one.

    Lonesome Town

    This is The Lonely Issue, in which we play broken telephone with our feelings, hoping one of us will find a grain of truth in the chaos.

    Fight Like Hell for the Living

    An interview with Mitchyll Mora and Reina De Aztlan, two people doing vital support organizing for queer and trans people of color who are facing criminalization in New York state.

    War of Icaza Drops New Album “Fuck 12 Since 1492”

    Fuck 12 since 1492 New album by Oakland's Hip Hop slash Punk band War of Icaza just dropped.

    Bringing the Origins of Prisons to the Big Screen

    13th The Director who brought you Queen Sugar and the movie Selma is about to drop a documentary on the history of prison system.

    Blaqstarr Is Being Held in a Baltimore Jail

    #FreeBlaq According to their social media and friends, Blaqstarr is being held in a Baltimore jail without bail.

    Watch Muhammad Ali’s Attica Poem

    watch revisit this beautifully intense poem by Muhammad Ali on the anniversary of the Attica riot.

    Live Updates from the National Prisoner Strike

    Follow along with us as things escalate on both sides of the wall, #prisonstrike.

    Colin Kaepernick’s Socks Are Cute As Hell

    ICYMI: NFL player Colin Kaepernick made an FTP fashion statement at the 49ers training camp on Thursday.

    Goth Shakira

    We talked shop with goth shakira about intersectionality, her inspirations, and where she sees the meme thing going.

    Art as Roses

    We sat down with Edxie Betts, Matice Moore, and Micah Bazant of the Trans Life and Liberation Art Series, a weekly art project devoted to producing work honoring the lives of trans people of color.

    Nebraska Drops “Death to the Klan” Track

    an antifa track for our generation Check out this new track from Philadelphia-based producer Nebraska “Death to the Klan”.

    Night Doll Brings Us the Latest Mask Mix “Insomnia”

    Insomnia Mix With tracks from LSDXOXO, TLC, Modulaw, and so many more, Night Doll brings us a mix to get you ready for another sleepless weekend.

    Are You Ready for Trans Day of Revenge?

    trans day of revenge With eerie timing, G.L.O.S.S. dropped their latest album dedicated to vengeance. Have a listen.

    Bunny Michael

    through the looking glass Artist and performer Bunny Michael gets real about the Higher Self, splitting personas, and why she doesn't do anything just for money.

    Swipe It Forward

    swipe it forward A group of New York activists dolled out 500 dollars worth of MetroCard swipes to commuters this week.

    Witches Hex the Stanford Rapist

    witches hex the stanford rapist in the shadow of the sexual assault case, a coven seeks justice.

    Listen to Kilbourne’s Fearless EP “Sourland”

    Sourland KUNQ-affiliated DJ Kilbourne dropped her latest EP, and it’s hardcore, fearless.

    Teenager Clubs Homophobic Preacher with Baseball Bat

    Ayy Batta, batta! Swing, batta batta! A street preacher was shouting homophobic stuff outside a high school, he got clubbed with a bat.

    The Pope is All About Online Personas

    The Pope watches beauty vlogs Francis met with Youtube stars and now he is encouraging the youths to become internet famous.

    Trio baby.daddi Flex Their Rap Style Muscles with New Track

    Steamy! Ye Ali, Tommy Genesis, and Wes Period make up baby.daddi, and the trio just dropped a hot and heavy track by the same name.

    Petals and Peacocks Is Bringing LA Streetwear to Every Coast

    Petal and Peacocks This LA streetwear brand is for the kid who is little bit of Bardot with a look that says, you could kick the hell out of a football player.

    The So So Glos Release New Album “Kamikaze”

    Kamikaze Punk band The So So Glos bring us a summer album, and it is killer.

    Rapper Gucci Mane Is Reportedly out of Prison

    Free Gucci After two years, the rapper Gucci Mane is out of prison.

    New York Sex Shop Workers Get A Union

    You get a dildo, you get a dildo! Sex toy boutique workers vote to unionize.

    Chilean Students Disguised As Tourists Crash Presidential Palace

    Who doesn't like a little dress up? Chilean students disguised as tourists crash Presidential Palace.

    Protesters Throw Rocks at Police at Albuquerque Trump Rally

    this week in acab: Albuquerque kids stirred up some trouble yesterday outside of a rally for Donald Trump.

    Home Depot Employee Wears ‘America Was Never Great’ Hat, Receives Death Threats

    My boss make a dollar, I make a dime One Home Depot employee has gotten serious hate messages for wearing an ‘America Was Never Great’ cap.

    Activist Reina Gossett Speaks On Navigating Oppressive Institutions

    Make a way out of no way Activist and thinker Reina Gossett speaks on navigating institutions that were not built for us, that were built to be “uninhabitable”.

    NON Releases Wearable Travel Gear Available Now in Airport Terminals

    Duty-Free African diasporic record label partners with Red Bull to release line of products for the NONcitizen.

    They Are Re-Making Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Cult-classic Rocky Horror Picture Show is being re-made and guess who is playing the Doctor...

    Mykki Blanco Portrays the Social War In Video “High School Never Ends”

    Both alike in dignity Mykki Blanco portrays the social war in new music video “High School Never Ends”.

    Macy Rodman Releases the Highly Anticipated Video for “Violent Young Men”

    Violent Young Men Macy Rodman releases her highly anticipated video.

    Alabama Prisoners Carry on Labor Strike

    "No longer be complicit in our own oppression" Alabama prisoners stay on strike, poise for escalation.

    Alien Body Drops Spring/Summer 2016 Look Book

    Alien Body A Hackers-inspired hat, some cute-ass Nazca socks, and well, you can watch to find out more...

    Fidel’s Grandson is an Aspiring Model; Also: Hands Off Khloe Kardashian

    Viva?! As the US embargo loosens its grip on the island, the Kardashians visit Cuba, and we hear that Fidel’s grandson is an aspiring model.

    Each One, Teach One

    What I learned as a truant student agitator about the limits of radical education.

    Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Video Says Don’t Call Me Ever Again

    Breakup anthems Petra Collins directs new Carly Rae Jepsen music video “Boy Problems.”

    Grace Dunham

    Grace Dunham, sibling to Lena, opened up about their entry into radical politics, how they decide what to wear in the morning, and the possibilities for real redistribution.

    EKIM Drops New “Locked Up” EP for Crazy Girls

    This one is for the crazy girls Emotional trap and electro-pop artist EKIM drops her latest EP entitled “Locked Up”.

    Kylie Jenner Does Crime in New Lipgloss Ad

    Kylie Jenner does crime The young Jenner’s new lipgloss line ad portrays her as a kind of crime boss.

    Cameos: Reek Bell, Lauren Cook, and Clare Mao

    Cameos Meet Reek, Lauren and Clare as they share their style icons, beauty routines, and the projects that they are excited about. Catch up with them!

    Jenny Zhang

    Poet Jenny Zhang spills on makeup trends, how to be financially transparent with your friends, and being an obsessive person.

    James Moore

    We spoke with artist James Moore about his particular brand of propaganda as it exists within his installations, and what it’s like to make it as an artist today.

    Macy Rodman

    Performer Macy Rodman spoke with us about working on this latest EP, and what success looks like to her.


    Director, editor, designer, curator, artist, businesswoman, strategist, developer, collaborator. No one word encompasses the work of Hawa Arsala and Tonia Beglari better than the one they gave themselves: Browntourage.

    Cameos: Alberto Hernández, Ro Garrido, Annie Mok

    Three artists you should know: Alberto Hernández, Ro Garrido, Annie Mok share their style icons and how they deal with winter blues.

    Not Doing It

    This is The Celibacy Issue where we realize we never did The Sex Issue because we’d rather talk about not-sex.

    They Took the Fight out of Us

    A visit from an old friend reminds me that activist burn-out took the fight out of me.

    New Zine Hypes Art, Writing, and Struggle of Trans Prisoners

    This new zine hypes art, writing, and struggle of trans prisoners and marks the first annual International Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity.

    Five Times Major Award Ceremonies Were Snubbed

    Five times major award ceremonies were snubbed: We did some digging to see who hasn’t been so into the red carpet march in the past.

    Cameos: Kc Itohan, Hira Mahmood, Messiah Rhodes

    This month, we’re tipping our hats to Kc Itohan, Hira Mahmood, and Messiah Rhodes. These three badasses are giving us the lowdown on what they’re reading, their sartorial signatures, and their beauty regimes.

    “What Ever Happened to Rachel?”

    A new podcast was launched this month by Morgan M Page focuses on the dirt and gossip of trans history.

    Cameos: Sophia Hussain, Ruby Brunton, Ash Jegroo

    This month, we’re seriously crushing on the styles, beauty routines, and search histories of Sophia Hussain, Ruby Brunton, and Ash Jegroo. Get to know these babes.


    Dancers Mitsuko Verdery and Anya Clarke on doing away with the classics and doing your own thing

    Waiting for a Memory

    For those of us dealing with holiday melancholy, struggling with the thick and clear memories of the year, here is to letting go of 2015.

    FXWRK Is Bringing the Preparty Vibe for LRAD

    To get you pumped for our party LRAD on Friday, listen to this exclusive mix by DJ FXWRK – the perfect vibe for getting ready before going out.

    Merritt Kopas

    Videogame designer and ex-scuzzy femme merritt kopas opens up about pivoting into new projects and having a streamlined internet personality.

    Cameos: chukwumaa, Tiffany Wines, and Darcie Wilder

    Tiffany Wines, chukwumaa, and Darcie Wilder share their search histories, beauty routines, and the coolest shit going on right now.


    We sit down with Pictureplane, the founder of witch house, a genre that started as a complete and utter joke and evolved into something much more.

    Off Brand

    This is The Persona Issue, in which we dissociate like a pro, ponder what being an icon does to your psyche, cultivate a brand and play the game better than anybody else, and explore the fragility and temporality of the self.

    No Such Thing as Stasis

    There is no such thing as stasis, even when you have vertigo and agoraphobia and spend all your time Googling random shit about pop stars.

    Anybody Wanna Waste Some Time?

    In the midst of trying to nix my public school’s controversial admissions policy, I might have met the director of Reqiuem for a Dream. Who knows, though. That was years ago.

    Cameos: Anjum Mubarak Asharia, Inga Hensing, and Yulan Grant

    August Cameos Part II Yulan Grant, Inga Hensing, and Anjum Mubarak Asharia talk about their style icons, trends that should’ve caught on, and the future.

    E. Jane

    E. Jane is the incomparable sound artist making a splash in Philadelphia’s DIY queer club scene, and talked to us about black woman girlhood, existing on the internet, and the traps of artifice.

    Zhe Zhe

    Absurdist, gender-bending webseries Zhe Zhe launched a Kickstarter to fund their second season. We decided to sit down with the three stars, Emily Allan, Ruby McCollister, and Leah Hennessey to find out how they do their magic.

    Cameos: Medha G., H Kapp-Klote, and Ronika McClain

    August Cameos Part I We talked to Medha G., Ronika McClain, and H Kapp-Klote about their guilty pleasures, multiple intelligences, and what’s hanging in their closet these days.

    Xena Ellison

    Meet artist and poet Xena Ellison who draws inspiration from Ms. Frizzle, Mortal Kombat, and gold medals at the Olympics.

    Urban Outfitters Releases Tees Featuring Stonewall Rioters

    urban outfitters releases new tee shirt line, featuring stonewall rioters: marsha p. johnson and sylvia rivera.

    Rihanna Might Be Launching Her Own Fashion Brand

    Rihanna might very well be launching her own fashion brand. Look out for $CHOOL KILLS in the coming months.

    Parisian Taxi Drivers Flip Uber Cars

    parisian taxi drivers are flipping over uber cars, and making courtney love miss her flight.

    DJ Haram Broadcasts From Space

    We are bringing you DJ Haram’s exclusive new mix, listen to “Now Thats What I Call Alien(ation).”

    Girl Props

    The directors of Girl Props India Menuez, Victoria Cronin, and Adinah Dancyger set out to make the girl buddy movie for millennials. The three women talk about the challenges of collaboration and friendship.

    New Star Wars-Inspired Line from Bobby Abley

    Bobby Abley lets his dork flag fly at London Fashion Week, introducing his Star Wars-inspired line.

    Happy Birthday, Tupac Shakur

    Happy Birthday, Tupac Shakur, celebrate with four speeches of the songwriter and rapper on racism and inequality.

    Diasporic Feels

    We asked second generation immigrants about growing up in and around multiple worlds, across demands to assimilate and keep family heritage alive. Here’s what they had to say.

    Joshua Jen Espinoza

    Poet Joshua Jen Espinoza waxes poet about her first social media account and why sad girl Twitter is still a thing.

    Affect Matrix: Gossip on the Bathroom Wall

    Affect matrix on the bathroom wall. Here’s how to feel about unionized writers, Willow Smith for Marc Jacobs, and SoundCloud’s royalty deals.

    Apple Music Will Eviscerate Competitors, Probably

    Apple Music will likely just totally eviscerate competitors, like everything else Apple does.

    Cameos: Muna Mire, Natasha Lennard, Vidal Wu

    Three Aliens stop by to let us in on their thoughts on their regrets, favorite summer past times, and what's on their playlists right now.

    June To-Do List

    June To-Do List. Kick off the summer the right way with these events and activities.

    The Young-Girl Antagonist of Pretty Little Liars

    Binge-watching Pretty Little Liars. ABC Family’s teen mystery series portrays the young-girl as the antagonist political subject who look at dads and the police like: “sus”. Last night marked the first episode of the sixth season, so hurry and catch up!

    Cameos: Jasmine Gibson, Raven Rakia, Sasha Geffen

    Three tough women make an appearance for our May Cameos. Get to know Raven Rakia, Jasmine Gibson, Sasha Geffen.

    Enter the World of Mojuicy

    Enter the world of Mojuicy, the Queens-based artist who’s visually archiving QTPOC culture.

    EKIM Brings the Emotional Trap

    EKIM brings the emotional trap music with her new self-titled EP.

    Lor Chris Flips the Bird at Cops in New FTP Anthem

    Baltimore based rapper Lor Chris flips the bird at the cops for Freddie Gray in his new music video.

    Frenemies Make the Best Medicine

    In real life, frenemies are not acquaintances we only pretend to like. Frenemies are relationships between people who are too broken to live up to the Hallmark postcard idea of friends, but too precarious to let repeated heartbreak mean the end of the friendship.

    Producer and Rapper Kai OD Drops New Video “Blue Wave”

    Sultry stoner sounds Peep Kai OD’s new music video “Blue Wave” featuring his cute ass crew.

    Jafé Paulino

    Guitarist Jafé Paulino of the New York-based afrobeat and rock band The Freaky Baby Daddies discusses family roots, spirituality, and his solo career.

    Affect Matrix: Bed-Ridden Existential Crisis 

    Affect Matrix: How to feel about jailbreaks, military inspired fashion, and Hilary Duff’s blue hair.

    Rihanna’s 20-Year-Old Songwriter Calls for a “Riot”

    ”Riot” Spells the Beginning of a Solo Career for Bibi Bourelly, Rihanna’s 20-year-old songwriter.

    The April To-Do List

    The April To-Do List Keep your April calendar packed with shows, talks, and readings.


    Meet the Girl Behind Twitter’s @Trash_Mom 7,000 Twitter followers, what more can a girl want? A world that isn’t so shitty, for one.

    Keep Your Friends Closer

    “I repeat ‘friends can save your life if you let them’ to myself as a mantra, not entirely sure if it is a rallying cry or a cry for help.”

    Don’t You Mean: Yes-Tech?

    Ciarra Black gives some choice advice to her 13-year-old self.

    Counterfeit Cash to Pay for Class Pizza Party

    Three Long Island teens arrested for allegedly counterfeiting $20 bills to pay for class pizza party and cereal.

    Geng Gushes About the Best Grub in New York

    Geng Gushes about New York’s Best Grub, and why he hates the new fast food trends.

    Class Is in Session

    Stud1nt Schools Us on What’s Missing from Culture: girl-on-girl parties, sexy music, and more.

    Alien Versus Predator

    DJ Abby places bets on the next look. Hint: alien versus predator.

    Starbucks Does a #MYNYPD

    Starbucks’ Race Together campaign under fire from everybody with a smartphone.

    Photos of Women IRA Fighters To Make Your St. Patrick's Day a Little More Bearable

    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with these vintage photos of women IRA fighters.

    Affect Matrix: You Can Sit With Us

    The Affect Matrix for youth internet culture Placing your problematic faves next to your underground heart throbs we bring you our greatest party trick.

    Cameos: Leigh Barton, Jade Marks, Mikael Brunila

    Cameos March contributors Leigh Barton, Jade Marks, and Mikael Brunila on current looks, future internet trends, problematic faves, and cravings.

    Make It Quick: Four Inspiring Beauty Routines

    Make It Quick: Four Inspiring Beauty Routines by DJ/producer Coral Foxworth, model Lee Armoogam, artist/rapper Kitty, and rapper Jay Boogie.

    Get Ready for LRAD with STUD1NT’s New Mix “Eavesdrop”

    STUD1NT drops exclusive mix, “Eavesdrop” to get you pumped for our LRAD party this Saturday.

    Listen to This Because I Know You Have Daddy Issues, Too

    Nashville-based witch grunge band Daddy Issues pays homage to sad-girl culture.

    Getting Restless for Joey LaBeija’s Legendary This Weekend

    Getting restless for the weekend: Joey LaBeija shares his hopes and dreams for his Legendary party. Listen to LaBeija and False Witness’s new track while you get ready, bbs.

    Culture Roundup: Cool Art of Failure

    Queer art of failing at this culture roundup. This week, we bring you happenings in youth internet culture that we’re filing under earnest and pessimistic.

    The February To-Do List

    The February To-Do List – New York Fashion Week, Valentine’s Day parties, and what to watch and listen to.

    A Culture Roundup for You and Your Squad of Bandits

    Culture Roundup for You and Your Squad of Bandits Kendrick drops gold, Charles Manson’s fiancee’s hustle, and Dev Hynes still being cool.

    DJ Haram is Beating Back My Depression

    DJ Haram is beating back my depression. Check out her new track “Identity Crisis” mixing Middle Eastern jams and Jersey Club.

    A Culture Roundup for Your Dead, Frozen Heart

    A Culture Roundup For Your Frozen Heart Lindsay Lohan is a witch (knew it!), Cheap Monday rocked Stockholm, this mix of Team Rocket and Nicki Minaj.

    UPNY Brand Makes First Appearance This Weekend

    UPNY Brand Makes First Appearance This Weekend. Contemplate going to their launch sale.

    Marc Jacobs Designs Domme-Inspired Line

    Marc Jacobs makes domme-inspired line. Just another example of how all good things are produced in the margins.

    A Culture Roundup for Snowmaggedon

    Culture Roundup for Snowmaggedon. Kid Cudi's queer make out scene, Tilda Swinton licks coats, Adult Mag is getting props from the mainstream.

    Prepare for the Apocalypse with CIA’s Alien Files

    CIA's Alien files and the American fear of the Other. What better way to wait out the snow-pocalypse than by reading through all 140,000 pages.

    Dope Might Be Our Generation’s Kids

    The movie Dope might be our generation's Kids. The film is a coming of age story about geeks surviving and trying to pass amongst the cool kids.

    Binging on Friends in a Post-Cohort Era

    Binging on Friends. Get annoyingly nostalgic for a time when codependent 30-something friend groups reigned in a pre-recession New York.

    Catch Up With Culture Roundup

    Catch Up With Culture Roundup. Kid Cudi is the new face of Coach, Lana Del Rey is still sad, Princess Nokia makes "Young Girls" cool, again.

    Ashe Kilbourne 

    We sat down with 22-year-old DJ and producer Ashe to talk about artifice in pop music, gender normativity in club and grind scenes, and the politics of chopping and sampling.

    Rapper Big Momma Revives our Love for Vagina Dentata

    Rapper Big Momma drops “Dentata” and revives the lovable myth of vagina teeth.

    A Culture Roundup Worth Living for This Winter

    Culture worth living for this winter. FKA Twigs pays homage to Afrofuturism, Hood By Air’s drone video, and more.

    Nicki Minaj Slays for Roberto Cavalli

    Nicki Minaj slays for Cavalli and Rolling Stone and everywhere else this spring and always.

    Everything You Need to Know about the NYPD Slowdown

    NYPD Slowdown shifts to Broken Windows Crackdown. Here’s what you need to know about what’s gone down in the NYPD slowdown recently.

    Black Women Matter Zine

    Black Women Matter Zine tells the story of 11 black women who were murdered by the police.

    Thurst: New Dating App for the Contrarian Queer

    Thurst, a dating app for contrarian queers who are done with OKC, Tinder, and Grindr.

    TBT Shoes That Made Us Feel Futuristic

    Nike is releasing sneakers with power laces in 2015 and we got nostalgic for all the other futuristic sneakers we never bought.

    Five Stories from Breakup Season

    While some might say it’s “cuffing season,” many of our friends are dealing with heartbreak this winter. Here are some of their stories.

    Azealia Banks: Descendants of Slave Traders Owe Black Americans Trillions

    Azealia Banks tweeted: descendants of slave traders owe black Americans trillions of dollars.

    BlackBrunch Disrupts Holy Sunday Ritual to Remember Victims of Police Violence

    #BlackBrunch Disrupts Holy Sunday Ritual for victims of police violence, and other stories of disrupting business as usual.

    This Chris Rock Parody Account Is Killing It Right Now

    The Chris Rock parody account is killing it, and somehow 65K people seem to think it’s the real deal.

    Rapper Bobby Shmurda Spent Christmas in Prison

    Rapper Bobby Shmurda spent Christmas in Prison on alleged gang activity. He is awaiting $2 million bail.

    New Artist Kacy Hill Signed By Kanye West

    Kanye West Signs Kacy Hill – a former American Apparel model and backup dancer on his Yeezus tour.

    Merry Christmas from St. Louis Police Department

    Merry Christmas from St. Louis Police Department You can't make this shit up: cops killed another young black man.

    Three Hours of Know-Wave for Christmas

    Know-Wave for Christmas Listen to these awesome podcast episodes featuring rad women artists on the guerrilla radio channel Know-Wave.

    Ray-Ban’s New Anti-Gentrification Ad Campaign

    Ray-Ban’s New Anti-Gentrification Ad Campaign. This campaign flips the script on who wears Ray-Ban, a brand that is commonly associated with the ‘hipster’.

    Fashion Garments Made Out of Construction Gloves

    This streetwear is made out of construction gloves, is it art or fashion or what?

    Joey LaBeija and DonChristian Give Us New Friend Goals

    Joey Labeija and DonChristian celebrate Sagittarius birthdays and give us new friend goals for 2015.

    Rolling Stone Envisions a Police-Free America

    Rolling Stone might be police abolitionists and revolution over reform may be moving slowly into the mainstream.

    Angst, Agitation, and Surviving the Holiday Season

    Culture Round-Up: KKK plays dress-up, Pizza Advent Calendar, Tumblr’s most reblogged in 2014, and other ways to survive the holiday season.

    RONiiA's Visual Love Letter to Tween Angst

    WATCH: RONiiA's Visual Love Letter to Tween Angst. Bored tweens toast troublemakers everywhere with flaming molotov cocktails.

    “Fanon for Beginners”

    WATCH: Fanon for Beginners Concerning Violence is a new documentary about anti-colonial struggles in 1960s and 70s Africa.

    MTV Releases Video Supporting Anti-Police Riots

    MTV Supports Riots We waited for MTV to get it wrong somewhere in this video about riots, but they never really did. What?!

    Artists in the Hot Seat for Staying Silent

    Artists in the Hot Seat for Staying Silent. It's an outright messing-with-the-bull-and-getting-the-horns situation for white artists who appropriate black culture.

    If We Burn, You Burn with Us

    We scrolled through days worth of news about and views on Ferguson and collected them here. This is the who is who and what is what of post-grand jury decision Ferguson happenings.

    A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

    watch: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night a feminist vengeance film starring a lonely female vampire.

    This Tumblr Fires Racists

    This Tumblr fires racists. With over 15k followers, Racists Getting Fired shares people’s racist social media posts, and contact information to their work places.

    Everything You Need to Know about the Response to the Ferguson Decision

    Gearing up for the Ferguson decision. While waiting for the verdict on Darren Wilson, here are some links, resources, and hashtags to keep up with.

    Neo-Femme Artists

    Over the past couple of weeks, I spoke with three young femme-identified artists: Suzy X, Khrys Jackson, and Luna Merbruja. These femmes hail from all over the country and are bringing forth an analysis that flips the script on much of the discourse on femmeness in creative and political scenes.

    Zhe Zhe – A Web Series about Friends Seeking Fame in an Absurd World

    watch: A hilarious and absurd web series about frenemies. Zhe Zhe is the perfect combination of glam rock and campy. Here's what you need to know before watching the season finale.

    Princess Nokia and Her Badass Coven in New Music Video "Nokia"

    Princess Nokia lounges with her badass friends, plays with tamagotchis and butterflies in new music video “Nokia”.

    Arianna Gil

    When she’s not touring as the bassist for SZA, Arianna Maya Gil is in class at Oberlin College in Ohio where she experiences a disconnect between the allegedly progressive principles of the school and her peers’ day-to-day experiences with racism and sexism on campus.

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