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    Tyler Reinhard

    Tyler Reinhard is a social technology critic, developer, designer of the acclaimed privacy app Signal, and the co-founder and designer of Mask Magazine.

    Hey, Step Back with the Riot Shaming

    A young black man named Michael Brown from Ferguson, Missouri was shot many times and killed by a police officer on August 9 of this year. Here is my response to the phenomenon of “riot shaming” – the policing of young black and brown bodies in the aftermath of police murder.


    Is it still possible to find music? Does anything escape the The Algorithm? Have you heard everything there is to hear?

    Dream Boat

    Mask is teaming up with a host of baddies to put on Brujas x Gypsy Sport Anti-Prom party on the Circle Line Tour boat with Cardi B as a headliner.

    Too Close to Call

    This is the Proximity Issue, in which we scoot over to make room for closeness.

    New Trailer for Documentary about American Police Culture

    the future of police Watch this new trailer for “Do Not Resist”, a documentary about American police culture.

    Take Us to Your Leader

    This is The Control Issue, the one where we stick together. We’ll take a break from rolling our eyes at the Spectacle to focus closely on it, and what’s going on at the edge of the frame.

    Being a Blight

    This is The Depravity Issue, where we bathe in blood, gorge ourselves on Quesalupas, and cosplay our way into the campaign rally.

    Darcie Wilder

    A conversation about humor, trauma, and social media with a new kind of creative writer.

    Abdu Ali’s MONGO Mix Fights Back

    Keep Moving Abdu Ali‘s MONGO is aggressive, emotional, spiritually new digital hardcore.

    Seize The Means Of Burger Production

    Burger Money working class hero walks into fast food chain and makes himself a meal.

    Don’t Drink The Water

    Toxic: When the world starts to die, we start to take it out on ourselves.

    While the Getting is Good

    This is The Get It Issue where we ask: What if the path to real political agency for the radical and marginalized is a rejection of politics itself?

    New Video Calls for Autonomous Resistance to Crisis Capitalism

    Is the world ending? It sure seems like it. This new video takes this question seriously, and suggests we start preparing.

    Just Be Thankful You’re Not A (Noun)

    Bad News! Sad News! Thanksgiving Small Talk News! Voice Transplants! Post-antibotic pandemics! Terror! Death! Gnashing of teeth! Gnashing of abstract economic indicators!

    The UFO Was More of a Metaphor

    FBI spying on middle schools! Teens spend more time online than asleep! IKEA runs out of beds! Whites dying almost as much as everyone else! Larry David paid to call Trump a racist!

    This Immortality Is out of Your Price Range

    Half of Americans make less per year than we spend online in 4 seconds! Social media could be the Holy Grail of eternal life! Google surrounding the world with Internet balloons! Unpermitted music video filmed in county jail!

    When It Rains, It Pours

    New research into artificial brain cells are helping computers navigate like humans! Even Republicans are afraid Trump might win! 99 percent chance of earthquakes! Twitter sponsors forum on #BlackLivesMatter with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders!

    Too Much of a Bad Thing

    Technology is bad for teenagers! Luxury bomb shelters apparently a thing! Brain is a hallucination machine! Navy reconsidering star-gazing! Lab-grown hamburgers seem tasty I guess! California gets too much water! Amazon suing fake reviewers!

    This Too Shall Come Too Late

    Cheerios recall! Stackable airplane chairs! 11 million dollars of weed! Prisoners beat Harvard students – in debate! Fake internet city for your fake internet soul!

    It’s Peeple.

    Waterstain spotted on Mars! Catastrophic floods on Earth! Sex with robots! 15 million T-Mobile customers hacked! Manhattan worth $1,497 a square foot! Drone app more offensive than drone bombs! Government really sucks sometimes!

    I Can Cry If I Want To

    It’s my birthday! VW pollutes a little illegally and a lot legally! Gov loses millions of fingerprints! Pregnant women really wet the whistle! So many brain implants it’s starting to getting weird!

    I Think You Know What the Problem Is Just as Well as I Do

    Guantanamo Tinder! Bear Selfies! One in five teens Wake for Facebook! Antidepressants have been dangerous all along! Internet cables sabotaged! Roomba on track for world domination! Chimps love horror films! It Gets Better campaign gets worse!

    The Key to the Abyss Is Turning

    Placing bets on rising sea levels! Queen is super-richer than ever! Hipster funerals creates cemetery crisis! Luxury tanks for the classy war-criminal! Half of us have Diabetes! Radioactive waste collected during Fukushima cleanup washes back into floodwaters! Apple designed a Pencil!

    Commie Bullshit

    Check out this collaboration with Third Looks and NYC photographer Luis Nieto Dickens for the first Mask Magazine fashion editorial.

    In Some Cases, There Will Be Absolutely No Hope

    Bad News Returns! Markets strangely volatile given stable society. Alaska losing 70 gigatons of ice to melting each year, tee hee. More guns sold to Americans last month than any other month on record!

    To Be Young, Disaffected, and Black

    This is the Dropout Issue, where we tap our pencils, anxious for the bell to ring.

    Happy Birthday, Tupac Shakur

    Happy Birthday, Tupac Shakur, celebrate with four speeches of the songwriter and rapper on racism and inequality.

    Keep Moving and Get out of the Way

    This is the Alien issue, where we indulge for a moment in being the Other, appreciating all of the ways we already are, and seeing our own reflections in the images of the unfamiliar.

    Live Updates from the Streets of Baltimore

    There is so much to say, but as events continue to unfold, we've opted to forego analysis and try to collect as many links to live coverage as possible. We'll be updating this article as much as possible over the next few hours.

    Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams

    World’s most radiation-tolerant robot collapses at Fukushima. US DoD admits US Constitution racist. My sleep schedule is really bad. Russia and Iran to play swapsies. Brawndo has what plants crave. Right-wing truthers teach Evil NWO Satanists a thing or two. And more from the worst week in history!

    You Can’t Beat Them, You Can’t Join Them

    CIA wishes spying wasn’t so tough. TSA accidentally finds thousands of innocent but suspicious-looking immigrants. Your Facebook friend poked you ... with divorce papers. Water thieves on the loose in California. Search Nestle. And lots of cops hurting people.

    Bad News Travels Fast

    Sorry, my semen only eats organic vegetables. McDonalds introduces table service ... that’s it, that’s the joke. Live-action Winnie The Pooh aka goodbye cruel world. Chris Rock’s pulled-over selfies. Homophobic pizza parlor raises nearly a million bucks how’s that for a sentence. And the US Military is teaching soldiers about white privilege.

    There Are No Cheat Codes

    What’s the word for when 1000s of dead animals wash up on the beach? A woman (hero) was arrested for squirting her breast milk at a cop. Drones rule everything around me. Surprise, Monsanto makes poison!

    No News is Good News, the Superpost

    Google invests in infinite lives. Moon minerals: first come, first serve. Kim Jong-un goes to Russia. #RaceTogether probably not the best idea. Adult pre-school is a little pricey. Italian fascist semen stain ready to be cloned!

    Wow, You Look Really Tired!

    Everest is a pile of shit. Are there 90k doctors in the house? Police apparently racist. Panhandlers paid to be art. American death laser now real, in case you were thinking about trying to escape.

    Get Ready for LRAD with STUD1NT’s New Mix “Eavesdrop”

    STUD1NT drops exclusive mix, “Eavesdrop” to get you pumped for our LRAD party this Saturday.

    It’s Worse Than You Thought

    Dept. of Homeland Security might slash should shutdown. Three parents, one cup. George Zimmerman still the worst. Net neutral, but still pretty bad. Smallest living thing trying to sell you a mixtape. Fake pearls ain't worth nothing just like this whole rotten system. Tons of weed. My app.

    The Tooth Has to Go

    ISIS may have brutally murdered 21 christians, or faked it, not sure which is worse. Gross: you can buy stocks with Bitcoins. Toddlers shouldn’t nap. Urban Outfitters builds underground city. NSA really got us good, boy. Seriously, who steals Eric Garner’s memorial fund!? Super-malaria. Food shortages. You lost the Oscars.

    Meet Bad News: Last Week, Basically.

    You can now set a friend to inherit your Facebook when you die, as long as they aren't in prison and other information about things that may affect you.

    Happy Birthday to Us

    A letter from Tyler Reinhard, introducing The Anniversary Issue. It’s been one hell of a year – it’s hard to believe it’s been 12 issues. So begins Volume 2...

    MTV Releases Video Supporting Anti-Police Riots

    MTV Supports Riots We waited for MTV to get it wrong somewhere in this video about riots, but they never really did. What?!

    Passing through Worlds beside Worlds

    A police-free zone is not a “new world”, it is merely the collision of many. Many worlds smaller than that of police order and governance individually, but that perhaps together are capable of defending themselves. Of surviving a collision.

    Where Does the ‘Revelry’ End and the Anti-Police Riot Begin?

    A Riot By Any Other Name – SF Giants win the World Series, the Mission District goes hard.

    3D-printed Grills, ISIS babies, and the GOP's Fake Homophobia

    Well, I'm back. Had to take the bench while the internet made pumpkin spice jokes about basic bitches for two months. The internet has had things happen on it lately. Many things. Music. Politics. Companies encouraging women to freeze their eggs and keep working. You know, the usual.

    Walking into the Wind

    When we were discussing the theme of this month’s issue, we wanted to entertain a latent conversation. A dialogue that might exist between the horrors we bore witness to this summer and the new opportunity revealed as pop-culture sputters and ejects, leaving behind a vacuum of power and attention. Is what happens on the streets of modern society merely a slurry of sociological phenomena, or is there something more ... archeological about it. Will our streetwear ever be draped over some ethnic mannequin in the halls of a natural history museum's diorama? Will our experiences of PTSD make it into timeless masterpieces of art, sealed up in the Louvre?

    One Simple Way To Support #Ferguson

    One Simple Way To Support #Ferguson. Donate money to support arrestees.

    Hey, Step Back with the Riot Shaming

    A young black man named Michael Brown from Ferguson, Missouri was shot many times and killed by a police officer on August 9 of this year. Here is my response to the phenomenon of “riot shaming” – the policing of young black and brown bodies in the aftermath of police murder.

    The Floating Prison, Oldest Man Ever, and Rave of Thrones

    Hey, sorry I'm late. I got caught in the rain. We don't have much time, so lets just get right into it.

    Health Goth, the World's Blackest Material, and an Apocalypse Hailstorm.

    Wow, the news really swole up with juice this past weekend. A new material that's blacker than black, lots of weird new studies, pro tips from Kanye, robot soldiers, and — just click this one, it's good.

    Detroit Water, Transphobic News Crew Left High and Dry, and a Strap-on Dance Craze

    Happy birthday Lil' Kim; the first Instagram video TV series has surfaced; two animal rights activists have been charged with violating the draconian Animal Entrerprise Terrorism Act; and more actual news in our tabs today.

    Transgender Emmy, Gay Ally Nixon, and an Uber Police Chase

    Laverne Cox has just become the first transgender acting nominee in the history of the Emmys; an Uber driver sped off with Ryan Simonetti and company in the backseat, when a taxi inspector began to examine the driver's credentials; and a new book on transcripts from President Nixon's audio records reveals Nixon unconditionally (privately) accepting 'the Gays' but concluding that 'it's what brought down the Romans and the Greeks'.

    Whole Foods Prison Camps and Popper Blindness

    A man accidentally got trapped in a Cook County Jail for 30 hours while visiting his son, Whole Foods admits using prison labor to produce much of their “local” animal products in California, poppers is revealed to cause blindness, and more.

    Potato Salad, Cupcakes, Juggalos, and a Pot Shortage.

    In the last couple of days, some guy raised $70k on Kickstarter (of his $10 goal) to make a potato salad, the ICP lost their court case, and Seattle started preparing for its first legal pot supply scarcity.

    It's All about Who You Know

    We abandoned the “activist” for a new kind of organizing. One based on friendship, affinity, and common enmity. Friendship, though, is as old as political power itself. In this letter from the editors, our thoughts on why, from now on, all friendship is nepotism.

    Brazilian Boy DGAF

    Watch: 11 year old ACABs Brazilian police car. And by that I mean watch over and over all Memorial day.

    A Society in Orbit around Misogyny

    If you haven’t already heard the news about 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, who apparently opened fire throughout suburban Santa Barbara last night, killing 7 and wounding many others, brace yourself for a tragic and unsettling scene.

    MIA 3D Prints AK-47s in New Music Video

    What do 3-D printing, AK-47s, and pop have in common? M.I.A.’s new music video.

    Start from Nothing: Twitter for Beginners

    We asked our Twitter pilot to write a guide to setting up an account. He gave us this comprehensive walkthrough that should make it easy. Don't be intimidated any more: we're waiting for you!

    Time is a Flat Circus

    Collab: True Detective x Family Circus — you'll probably just have to see it to understand why this is so cool. Not spoilerish.

    May Day All around the World

    People are celebrating May Day all around the world. We'll be posting updates about the protests for as long as we're able to stay awake.

    NYPD Accidentally Gets What They Asked For

    #MyNYPD Hashtag hijacked with images of police brutality in the city that never sleeps and the 50,000+ police officers are pretty terrible.

    Cop Assaults Girls Soccer Fans after Victory

    Sociopath Cop Attacks a senior high school girls’ soccer team right after they win the State Tournament.

    Area Dog: “Cops naturally predisposed to irrationally aggressive behavior”

    Area Dog: “Cops naturally predisposed to irrationally aggressive behavior.”

    Watch King Joffrey Lecture on Baudrillard, Weber, and the Master-Slave Dialectic.

    Ok, no spoilers because that's just not how we roll, but Jack Gleeson, who plays King Joffrey on HBO's Game of Thrones, spoke at the Oxford Union earlier last Winter.

    The Next Best Thing

    Do you habitually dismiss every new trend as a fad, seeing it as just another trick of the endlessly shifting market? If you ask us, the critique of new trends for the sake of staying on the anti- side of capitalism is an idealistic trap. Trends come from somewhere, and we partake in them even through our dismissals. In this issue, we shamelessly engage with new trends.

    A Royals Parody Not Like The Others

    The one Royals parody worth watching. It gets typecasting, “diversity”, and getting the goods exactly right.

    Wait, Is That Armpit Hair?!

    Madonna’s Armpits. A little Hollywood trope to help break up the fuzzy feels re: celebrity armpit hair.

    South by South Whatevs

    Best Tweets from SXSW written by the people whose job it is to got to places like that and write about being cool and bored.

    Blame Us for Trying

    Our aspirations used to run counter to those of the professional world. But now our craziest ideas are sought out by marketing executives. We used to think we could outsmart the system. Now we see that the only way we can stay in control of our ideas is if we let them run their course within it. What to do with our lives once we have lost the hope in creating alternatives, and have ruled out total destruction? Perhaps you try to “make it.”

    Romance as Political Conspiracy

    Sex Tips! Just watch House of Cards and conspire to step all over everyone else if that’s what it takes.

    Beneath the Runway, the Paving Stones

    Wear: fashion staples for 2014 Basically, black shirts with depressing post-care sort of stuff printed on them.

    Sick Sad World, a Week in Review

    Internet Expedition: GIFY awards. Lierre Keith being transphobic. Net Neutrality losses, and oh so much more.

    Makes No Difference

    What to do with our lives when our fantasies of a better world no longer cut it? A letter from the editors explaining the ideas and inspirations behind Mask Magazine.

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