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    Yvette Hall

    Yvette Hall is a producer at Mask Magazine and would love to hear how you conceptualize electricity and gravity.

    Internet Crushing on Guayaba (Aeon Fux)

    Guayaba’s newest release Black Trash/White House is the soundtrack you need to stay lucid in these nightmarish times.

    Watch Princess Nokia’s New Video G.O.A.T.

    Watch Princess Nokia’s G.O.A.T. The first single from Deluxe 1992 gives us new life.

    Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever

    Ben Trogdon’s new fanzine Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever compiles a decade’s worth of rare and intimate photos of the punk scene – from Olympia, Washington to Brooklyn, New York and beyond.

    Chauncey Peltier 

    American Indian activist Leonard Peltier was wrongfully charged with the murder of two FBI agents in 1977, and has been imprisoned ever since. His son Chauncey Peltier spoke with us about his father’s case and the determined campaign for his release.

    Splitting and Merging: The Schizoid Mind 

    Heather doesn’t identify as schizophrenic, although her medical records do classify her that way. After years of struggling with multiple realities, she has figured out some ways to let them and her co-exist, and it has worked much better than when she was locked up in a hospital.

    Carly ‘Bird’ Ptak

    Heather Hall catches up with hypnotherapist and radionic artist Carly ‘Bird’ Ptak, who years ago helped her through a prolonged psychedelic experience later diagnosed as Schizophrenia. What is it like to be able to penetrate the minds of people around you?


    Olympia, Washington is nestled in the North West corner of the U.S. You’ve probably heard about Nirvana, legal marijuana, our rainy seasons, and suicide rate, but have you heard about our totally radical street outreach program EGYHOP? EGYHOP is a volunteer-based anarchist street outreach program that inhabits downtown Olympia seven nights a week, 365 days a year. I interviewed Meg Martin, volunteer for EGYHOP for six years, in hopes of learning more about de-centralized organizing, the state of homelessness in downtown, and ways you can contribute to their organization.

    “I’m Really More of a Cybernetics Hobbyist”

    What is Cybernetics? Musician and Artist Heather Hall has been studying it for years and still doesn't know for sure, but has lots of great stories about it.

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