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    About Mask Magazine

    Mask Magazine is an experimental publication in the age of late capitalist world-weariness. We’re a subscriber-supported, ad-free, online publication and podcast network based in Brooklyn, NY. We launched on February 1, 2014. You can support us by subscribing. Subscriptions start at $3 per month.

    What We’re Into

    Our goal is to empower young people to take charge of our future and rewrite the narratives of what we’re capable of doing together in this world. We believe cooperation, understanding, curiosity, and respect across difference is necessary to reach that goal.

    We strive to be a platform for empowering struggle and solidarity across places, scenes, and sentiments. We do so by broadcasting the thoughts of fellow antagonists and our experiences of everyday life and struggle; publishing features that contextualize what’s going on in different industries, scientific fields, and other power nodes; documenting new ideas for and examples of how to live differently together.

    Our areas of interest can be divided in to seven areas:

    • Self and Other
    • Human Migration and Settlement
    • Control and Rebellion
    • Longevity and Legacy
    • Ecology and Wilderness
    • Economics, Technology, and Innovation
    • Epistemology, Ontology, Ethics, Aesthetics

    Each month, we release a new issue on maskmagazine.com. The issues are available to subscribers, although each article is free to read for a few days. We broadcast new content on social media and in our newsletter. In the future, we hope to release a print publication and books.

    We also run the podcast network Mask.fm.

    We are interested in reaching a large audience, but we are not willing to contribute to the flooding of our feeds and attention spans with meaningless, careless content just to garner clicks and views. We believe the commodification of our lives is a huge threat to a more equitable future. We strive to only publish that which is both relevant to our audience members and aligns with our mission.

    Press an’ that

    Press interested in our experiment are welcome to contact us for comment via email at mailroom@mask-mag.com.

    Next Up Colophon

    This magazine is organized and presented by a Rails application, and served to your browser by Heroku. Our domains are registered by Hover. Text is set in Sanuk, and iconography is orchestrated by Iconic.

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