• The Dream Issue
    July 2019 #56
    La chambre
    • Dream the world. Not this pallid shadow of reality. Artwork by Raoul Ubac (1938)

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    Table Of Contents

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    "People might find furries jarring but have probably had a crush on an anthropomorphic cartoon character like Lola Bunny."

    DMing with Maya Ben David

    by James Payne and Maya Ben David

    Anne boyer undying header

    A Review of Anne Boyer's Latest Book "The Undying"

    Sufferers of the World, Unite

    by Bella Bravo

    Dianna 3 cover
    Hi-Lo Press
    Extratransmission cover

    A Review of Andrea Abi-Karam’s EXTRATRANSMISSION

    There Are Stories of Machines

    by Zaina Alsous

    Death of glitter alix hidge cover

    The Death of Glitter: Cape Town’s Underground Queer Club Scene

    by Keely Shinners

    Whore foods cover

    An Excerpt of LA Warman's Whore Foods (Inpatient Press, 2019) with an Introduction by James Payne.

    Whore Foods

    by LA Warman and James Payne

    Mil Mundos
    Hasta muerte

    When workers refuse to serve or cater to police, they make their spaces and communities safer.

    "We Don't Serve Cops"

    by Matt Casciano


    Home in the Middle of the End of the World

    by Saritha Kambhampati Ramakrishna

    Boar rebecca

    The boar has not occasioned the end of life; she is life that goes on living without purpose.


    Cameos: For the Dream Issue, we asked Lily, Masami, and Frances to tell us a little about their foundations for dreaming - their current joys and what's on their nightstands.

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    The Grapevine Telegraph by H Bolin and S Whittemore

    Érica Zíngano, Interview + 2 poems

    Synidcator 1
    DJ Syndicator: Not Jaded, But in Love with Jade
    Klee unhorsed
    Matt web

    Letters by Matt Casciano

    Nightmares of Another Life

    Being a vision of horror, my dream is also a vision of liberation. All liberatory fantasies scandalize, shock, and terrify the hegemonies from which they emerge

    Gustave courbet   the trout   wga05474

    The Grapevine Telegraph by H Bolin and S Whittemore

    Christina Chalmers, Interview + Poems from Journal of the Revolutionary Year

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