• The Not Again Issue

    E. Jane: #NotYetDead and Still Resisting

    The Not Again Issue
    E alive notyetdead

    Artist E. Jane Celebrates Black Women's Resistance

    “We are here. We are resisting.”

    The ever-dynamic and prolific E. Jane (aka Mhysa) has a new project to inspire and celebrate black women's resistance. They created a photobooth background – softly speckled in purple, pink, and light blue, with the word “alive” in all caps at the top – and are inviting any and all self-identified black women and/or femmes to use it for their own selfies, using the hashtag #notyetdead. As E. wrote on Facebook, “I just want to show that some of us are #notyetdead. We are here. We are resisting.”

    You can find and download the background for yourself at E.'s Twitter or Facebook.

    If you're in NYC, you can catch E performing (as one half of Philly duo SCRAAATCH) at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts in Brooklyn, on Saturday January 9.

    #NotYetDead #SayHerName

    A photo posted by E. Jane™ (@e_scraaatch) on

    Tabita Rezaire #NotYetDead #SayHerName

    A photo posted by E. Jane™ (@e_scraaatch) on

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