• The Resolution Issue
    April 2019 #55
    Resolution cover
    • The only tragedy, they said, is life, and that is more than enough. Artwork by Evan Eisel.

    • What Would It Mean to Walk Away from America? The narrative structure of imprisonment provides an alibi for citizenship. Read more.

    • Closed In We learn the art of self-sabotage from a world that tells us it’s in our best interest to be hard-edged and alone.

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    Table Of Contents


    Commotion, a website connecting users with means of assisting refugees, reveals how technology both helps and hurts “caravanerxs.”

    Tech on the Border

    by Arvind Dilawar

    Maskcollage jocine web

    The Grapevine Telegraph by H Bolin and S Whittemore

    We Believe in Poetry and We Believe in Revolt

    We Believe in Poetry and We Believe in Revolt A curated column with unique translations from rebel poets across the globe.


    A user's guide to keeping your heart safe as everything falls apart.

    How to Break up with Someone You Love: A User's Guide

    by Matt Casciano

    Serotonin Diaries
    Joburg web

    The Grapevine Telegraph by Tom Allen

    Winter Tale

    "To return, /to the ground on which we lie/ contemplating the non-existence of the difference/ between the burning and the burned"

    Jay1 web

    Listen to DJ Jay Simon’s Mix “Spirit” “To create a memory for someone is more important to me than making them dance.”

    Mask outreach

    Homework Please finish the following assignments by May 15.


    The Grapevine Telegraph by Lotta Thießen

    Fell through a distance in the game

    “you are pieces of fallen flesh/ runes that indicate a novel perception/ of evidence as rotten meaning”

    Communesample2 web

    The Grapevine Telegraph by Jocine Velasco

    Out Here Tonite and Living Will

    “The rich may never have owned taste/ Yet we still stole that back from them”


    The Grapevine Telegraph by Kai Cherot

    Harrington Pl, Mrs. June, and Untitled

    “At the bleeding creek/ my back was to be loved by/ the bark of a sycamore tree.”

    Monet houses of parliament web
    Matt web

    Letters by Matt Casciano


    We would like to be resolute. To cut apart, loosen, and break the negativity of our situation. In essence, we are ready to believe again, but without all of the bullshit.

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