• The Crossing Paths Issue

    Get into Tarot with the Slow Holler Tarot Deck

    The Crossing Paths Issue

    Get into Tarot with the Slow Holler Tarot Deck

    Amplifying Southern, queer storytelling through tarot.

    Corina Dross, who pens Mask Magazine’s monthly horoscopes, isn’t just a gifted astrologer and writer; she’s also an amazing artist and illustrator. And right now, she’s working with a group of Southern queers and artists on the making of a completely new tarot deck called Slow Holler. They have made 18 cards so far – they look fantastic. Earlier this month, they launched a Kickstarter to fund the completion of the project.

    Slow Holler aims to amplify the voices of Southerners, queers, and those with southern ties. The collective is made up of artists based in North Carlina and all over the South. Not everyone in the group is queer, not everyone is from the South, and not everyone is a tarot reader, but together, the group aims to amplify the voices of queers and Southerners through the kind of story-telling that tarot encourages. Most of all, the artists and creators of this deck are of the scene and tradition that to a large extent has popularized astrology and tarot in North America in recent years – “tattoo artists, comic and zine artists, printmakers, a few career artists, people who sift time from busy lives to make things, homebodies, roamers.” Besides our own home girl Corina Dross, Slow Holler features artists and writers like Beatriz Mendoza of the Beehive Collective, Vanessa Adams, Kai Barrow, Miranda Pfeiffer, Saba Taj, Rachel Speck, and Kay Kelley.

    People often ask me why Mask has horoscopes, and “what’s up with the surge of interest in astrology and tarot among queers and radicals in recent years?” My answers vary, but one of the better answers I’ve come accross is the one Slow Holler artist and organizer E Henderson provided in an interview explaing the project to Autostraddle a few weeks ago:

    “We tell stories to stay awake. We tell stories to communicate. It is how we come to know each other. It is a part of our culture. We may be black, brown, white, queer, undocumented. We come from swamps, foothills, and sandy pines. We have different histories and experiences, but we came from this place and we shape this place.

    Storytelling as a form of communicating and of understanding is a special part of Southern culture. I think involving so many folks with Southern ties and identities will bring a storytelling quality to the deck. Including so many queer identified folks on the deck helps us to dismantle and re-imagine constrictive gender binary narratives that can be so prevalent in history and culture, and in traditional tarot decks.”

    The deck won’t be ready until next year, but you can preorder it today by supporting their Kickstarter. Each deck comes with an accompanying book, all wrapped in a black and metallic gold hanky designed by one of the Slow Holler artists. If 1100 people preorder the deck, the campaign will be fully funded, so tell your friends to support it too!

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