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    February 2019 #54
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    • What Would It Mean to Walk Away from America? The narrative structure of imprisonment provides an alibi for citizenship. Read more.

    • Closed In We learn the art of self-sabotage from a world that tells us it’s in our best interest to be hard-edged and alone.

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    Table Of Contents

    Molly2atvsampe2 gh
    Molly from the Swamp

    If private sex is about losing oneself in the moment, public sex is about finding oneself there.

    Sex in Public

    by Hannah K. Gold


    My special ed class consisted of troubled boys abandoned by society. In our collective defiance, we loved and supported each other like no one ever had.

    Special Boys

    by John Thompson

    Queerfriendship2 web

    I am attracted to my friends in so many ways – why would sexual attraction be out of the question?

    The Queer Art of Fucking Your Friends

    by Sophia Giovannitti

    Porpentine Charity Heartscape

    Sometimes masturbating means to read an erotic novella at your desk in a sterile office, senses on edge as grey passersby drone on about regulations and billing codes.

    Ditching My Vibrator for Bataille

    by Beatrice Loayza


    Johanna Hedva lives with chronic illness and their Sick Woman Theory is for those who were never meant to survive but did. Their fellow spoonies.

    Sick Woman Theory

    by Johanna Hedva

    Game Maker Avery Alder on the Mechanics of Care

    Masturbating doesn’t always feel like fireworks. Sometimes we cum just so we can sleep.

    Cum Before the Anxiety Sets In

    by Lena Solow


    From slavery to political campaigns, black lives have always been reduced to numbers in the form of commodities, revenue streams, statistical deviations, and vectors of risk. How do we make our escape?

    On Blackness and Data

    by Ishmael Bishop

    Silvia 9
    Silvia Federici

    Inga Hensing on the ways trans women mother one another, through bars, in living rooms, on the dance floor.

    Lost Girls

    by Inga Hensing


    Some might see Shia LaBeouf’s public life as a nonstop downward spiral. For Kylee V. Luce, he raises the bar for what we’re capable of.

    Man of Our Time

    by Kylee V. Luce


    With Trump in the White House and white supremacy on the rise, queer Muslim powerlifter Lena Afridi knew her friends and family were in danger. And none of them knew how to fight.

    Stay Strong

    by Lena Afridi

    Peripheral Gaze

    What I learned as a truant student agitator about the limits of radical education.

    Each One, Teach One

    by Ripley Soprano


    I never thought of my piano teacher as a trick. When he discovered I was a hustler through an online escort agency, he told me to do something dignified and I told him to die. Years later, he did.

    Death Wish

    by J.P. Tamang


    Navigating grotesque mental hygiene laws in New York state, a young woman fears she is her mother’s greatest advocate and worst traitor as she checks her Mother into an inpatient psychiatric facility at Payne Whitney Hospital.

    Please, Hold

    by @Sweat _Bee

    Nieto dickens mask mag hackers 35 web
    Commie Bullshit

    Why can’t we remember the names of our favorite songs anymore? Nicholas Henderson considers memory loss through new music platforms.

    Insufficient Memory

    by Nick Henderson


    De-Arrests are Beautiful These simple actions show us that the law and the state are not supernatural forces.


    At 22, Ruby Brunton had been an orphan for one year, but was still looking for fellow orphans to help her make sense of her loss. She went looking online, and found something quite disturbing.

    In Search of Orphans

    by Ruby Brunton

    Death Work

    The Clinical Trials Industry is rebranding, attracting new demographics of test participants, and making it harder for long-term test subjects. Anonymous describes what it's like to partake in clinical trials through these transitions.

    Blood Money

    by – Anonymous


    The fires lit by Ferguson in the Bay Area further cemented the region’s claim to “riot capital” of the US. But how did the Bay Area become the arena of one of the most intense millennial revolts of the decade? Doug Gilbert traces the emergence of the Bay Area’s “riot culture” through the last six years of street clashes and blockading.

    The Rise of Oakland’s Riot Culture

    by Doug Gilbert


    A young black man named Michael Brown from Ferguson, Missouri was shot many times and killed by a police officer on August 9 of this year. Here is my response to the phenomenon of “riot shaming” – the policing of young black and brown bodies in the aftermath of police murder.

    Hey, Step Back with the Riot Shaming

    by Tyler Reinhard

    A Comic about Idapalooza

    “You will spend months planning a tour, then drive 700 miles to find out the show got canceled and no one told you.” Andreas Chronis of xDYINGx regrets spending half his life in the back of a tour van.

    Punk Rock Ruined My Life

    by Andreas Chronis


    Letters by Hanna Hurr

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