• The Hustle Issue

    Starbucks' #RaceTogether Campaign Gets the Response It Deserves

    The Hustle Issue

    Starbucks Does a #MYNYPD

    If you get your coffee at Starbucks for some reason, or spend a sizable amount of spend time on the internet, you may have noticed the coffee company’s new campaign #RaceTogether – a campaign that prompts baristas to start conversations with patrons about the state of race relations in America. 

    CEO Howard Schultz has released a statement regarding what prompted this clumsy attempt of marketing. The campaign has its neck in the guillotine with social media users attacking Starbucks for their own lack of diversity within the company, their relationship to prison labor, and how much they pay their baristas.

    Like the #MyNYPD marketing campaign fail of last year, people saw right through #RaceTogether and immediately started trolling. Sips coffee.

    Check out some of our favorite tweets:

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