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    On The Street: Statement Coats and Texture

    The Material Issue
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    Photos by Ada Banks.

    Ada Banks hit New York City’s breezy streets to capture the looks of spring 2017.

    Statement Coats and Texture

    The weather this month was almost as erratic and varying as my typical emotional state. Getting my hungover ass out of bed and into the freezing cold to take pictures was a struggle. But I’m glad I did.

    The streets were mostly filled with people cocooned in huge jackets and scarfs rushing to their heated destinations. The crazy weather brought out a lot of big statement coats, layered with pops of color and texture. A few braver/colder souls sporting coatless looks wore polished, clean silhouettes with a DIY twist.

    Devin N Morris, 30

    I would say I dress for how I feel. It’s kinda cold out so I wanted to wear something big and cocoon-y. I don’t pay much attention to brands, but this [thrift shop on Putnam and Broadway] is a cool place to shop. I like primary colors a lot.

    Alice Bloomfield, 21

    I’m from London but I’m really inspired by New York club kids and the 90s. I love to wear super tacky things like faux fur, leopard prints, crazy animal prints, anything really over the top. I love Paris Hilton, she’s definitely a style icon to me.

    IG: @bl00mfield

    Natasha, 26

    This outfit is a kind of futuristic, space cadet look. This jacket is from a French store called Maje, the pants are from Aritzia a Canadian brand, and the shoes are Chanel. Olivia Palermo is one of my style icons.

    Griffin Hall, 18

    I actually made this top, I had a couple pairs of old ripped jeans that I couldn’t wear anymore so I sewed them together and made this collar out of a belt. I like to make clothing out of things that would normally be looked at as trash. I’m obsessed with Mcqueen, he was never afraid to push the meaning of pretty and make darker less commercial work. I plan on having my own brand someday but I’m just making clothes for myself or for friends at the moment.

    IG: @gryphyn_

    Rose, 24

    When I put an outfit together, I like to look very chic and classy without being boring. I try to make classic looks more edgy or funky, out of the box, different. I adore Betsey Johnson.

    IG: @dariminajrose23 (Facebook and Snapchat as well)

    Sugar Mamasota, 30

    Everything I have is either from a thrift store or I’ve made it. I don’t buy new clothes. I’m a designer and burlesque dancer. When I’m making things I look for textures in art. I get inspiration from music and the places I’ve traveled. I’m actually working on a fashion show right now.

    Brand Facebook Page: M45 Clothing Company
    IG: @MissSugarMamasota

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