• The Persona Issue

    Cameos: Tiffany Wines, chukwumaa, and Darcie Wilder

    The Persona Issue
    Nov cameos

    Cameos: chukwumaa, Tiffany Wines, and Darcie Wilder

    Peaking over the shoulder of somebody on the train may be rude but we are asking the questions so you don’t have to

    Tiffany Wines, plus_c aka chukwumaa, and Darcie Wilder open up about their search histories, beauty routines, and what they think is the coolest shit going on right now.

    Tiffany Wines

    Handles? I’m most active on Twitter @artschoolbae.

    Where do you hail from and where are you now? I’ve lived all over the east coast and even spent a little time in Texas but New York City is my chosen home.

    Style icon? Young Thug, without a doubt. He's ahead of our time.

    What are you listening to these days? According to my last.fm my current top artists are Avril Lavigne, Fetty Wap, Justin Bieber, and Trick Daddy if that gives you any insight to me as a person.

    Beauty routine? Anything else I can take or leave but I use coconut oil and whipped raw shea butter to keep my skin soft.

    Favorite piece of clothing in your closet? My collection of sweatshirts prominently featuring the logos of all the schools I got rejected from.

    Favorite Google search? Either “how does gucci mane release music from prison” or “is [insert public figure/celebrity here] a/an [insert astrological sign here]”.

    Any projects or people you’re really interested in right now that you wanna turn Mask readers on to? My friend little cloud makes beautiful ethereal sad songs and she has a new project called careless on the way, and my friend Lohla Shannan Jani is relaunching her astrology site featuring eerily accurate horoscopes and divinations.

    plus_c aka chukwumaa

    Handles? Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

    Where you from, and where do you live now? I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland and live in Philadelphia, PA _.

    What are you listening to these days? Ughhh what am I not? This my Youtube history:

    Style icon? It’s a three way tie between Samuel Hindolo, E_SCRAAATCH, and this kid.

    Beauty routine? I used to be a lot better, but right now it’s aveeno and lavender after a shower and shaving my head bald when I get around to it.

    Favorite piece of clothing in your closet? I have an antagonistic relationship to my closet, but it’s a tie between a metal choker I inherited from Eighteen and the ghost of this yellow XL tee I took from my dad that I cut into a tank. It had a giant shark on it and was for a company that protects you from loan sharks, ha!

    Any projects or people you’re really into right now? I’m always gonna put on for colon:y (Ei, Hindolo and Wilmer), and ATM (DJ Haram, Ei Jane, and Marcelline), but I just bought my lil brother a mini keyboard, and his youtube game is cute so keep an ear and eye out.

    Actually, can you replace all of my answers with this?

    Darcie Wilder

    Handles? I have a lot but the main Twitter is @333333333433333 and my Instagram is @cumcumcumcumcumcumcumcum and my website is darciewilder.com. I also did the twitter account @iworkforvice.

    Where are you from, and where do you live now? I’m from Washington Heights slash Inwood. Now, I live in Hell’s Kitchen.

    Style icon? One of the best compliments I got was when someone said I reminded them of Sky Ferreira in the movie Putty Hill ... I guess other messy girls who use the Internet. And like, whoever I think it would’ve been cool to be in high school.

    What are you listening to these days? This week I’ve been listening to Former Ghost’s “Taurean Nature” and Ron Browz “$20 - remix” and the song that goes “‘Hey’ ‘Yah?’ ‘I was wondering, do you know the difference between love and obsession?’ ‘No.’” Usually I listen to a lot of Nicki and Hot 97.

    Beauty routine? I don’t shower enough but I do a lot of face masks and put on makeup every morning. I like trying out products in case one of them ends up ‘saving’ me.

    Favorite piece of clothing in your closet? Probably my polar wearable sleeping bag. It’s a sleeping bag with holes.

    Most recent Google search? Whatever my current crush’s name is.

    What and who are you into right now? This question is stressing me out but: Molly Soda, Mira Gonzalez, Melissa Broder, Sam Cooke, Logue Magazine, David Fishkind, Sorry House and Spencer Madsen, Erica Bech, Sally Thurer, Andrea McGinty, Al Bedell’s “I Would Do Anything For Love”, and most people I follow on Twitter.

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